Minutes of an extraordinary Council Meeting held in the Village Hall
on Wednesday 3rd July 2019 at 7.30pm.

Present: Mr David Williams, Mrs Margaret Price, Mrs Elizabeth Gibbs, Mr Mark
Brian and Mr George Moretta.
In attendance: S.Dale (Clerk).

1. Apologies for absence: County Councillor Rosemarie Harris, Mr
David Mantle, Mr Paul Lindoewood, Mr Alan James, Mr Gene
Taylor and Mr David Filsell.
2. Declaration of interest in items of business listed below: None
3. To prepare for the local development plan consultation on the
16th July.
The source of the consultation exercises is the Community
Participation Toolkit: A guide to involving communities in
preparing Local Development Plans. Those chosen were:
Ideas wall, living in.., map and post-it notes, sustainability and local
distinctiveness and development acceptability.
Leaflet/Flyer was approved and it was decided to deliver to each
household in the village:
EG – Blaen-y-myarth, Cyffredin Lane, Erw Bant and Pencommin.
MP – Cae Porth, Church Close, Groesffordd.
MB – Castle Road, Clos Castell, Duffryn Road, James St., Mardy
Lane, Mill Road.
SD – Beaufort Road, Bryncelyn Way, Coed-yr-Ynys, Cwm Crawnon
Road, Dol-fach, Dyffryn Crawnon (by post), Forge Lane, Glaisfer
Road, Hen Ysgol, Llanddetty, Orchard Lane, Pen-yr-ale, Pont
Ganol, Twyn Pandy.
All leaflets to be delivered by the end of this weekend. EG's to be
dropped off with her Thursday. MB's Friday.
Email a copy of the leaflet to councillors.
Put a copy on noticeboard and other conspicuous places also a copy
to “Contact”.
Ask for the hall to be available for preparation work on the evening
of the 15th.
Hall will need to be locked up after the event on the 16th as MP will
not be present.
Materials required: Pens (50), Pegs (50), washing line (1), Post-it
notes, marker pens (10), coloured sticky spots 1 packet, bluetack,
drawing pins, brown envelopes, flip chart pad, low tack tape, wool,
roll of lining paper.
Duty roster:
SD 9am to 1pm DW 1pm to 4pm
MB 4pm to 6pm EG 6pm to 8pm
AJ 8pm to close
An of ficer of BBNPA will be present for most of the day
Date of next meeting Tuesday 30th July 2019.