Minutes of a Council Meeting held in the Village Hall
on Tuesday 26th February 2019 at 7.30pm.

Public participation.
Present: Mrs Margaret Price (Chair), Mr David Filsell, Mr Gene Taylor, Mr David
Williams, Mr David Mantle, Mrs Elizabeth Gibbs and Mr Paul Lindoewood.
In attendance: Mr Sam Ridge (Warden of Brecon Beacons National Park), S.Dale
(Clerk) and 2 members of the public.

1. Apologies for absence: Mr George Moretta, Mr Alan James and Mr
David Evans. County Councillor Rosemarie Harries also sent her
2. Declaration of interest in items of business listed below: Mrs
Margaret Price declared an interest in item Persondy Field and took
no part in the discussion or decision.
3. Signing of the minutes:
Of the meeting of the fnance committee on the 8th January will
be presented again when more of the fnance committee are
Of the meeting of the Precept meeting of the 15th January 2019
were approved. Proposed by DF and seconded by DM.
Of the meeting held on the 22nd January 2019 were approved.
Proposed by DW and seconded by EG.
4. Correspondence to be circulated:
a. GP out of hours survey.
b. Wales Audit Offce reports (paper copies on request).
c. Brecon Advice Centre, thank you for the donation.
d. Wales Air Ambulance, request for funding.
e. Wales Air Ambulance, thank you for the donation.
f. Brecon Mountain Rescue Team, thank you for donation.
g. Letter from a resident concerning a former path at
Pentwyn. The Rights of Way Offcer has searched the defnitive
map and found no record of the former path at Pentwyn as a legal
right of way. A claim could be made if historical evidence was
available documenting use over the past 20years. Clerk to check
the status of the other path from the leet with the Rights of Way
Offcer at the National Park.
It was reported that the landowners have closed the path for 1 day
per year in order to retain the permissive nature of the path.
Brecon Beacons National Park can provide additional signage
and possibly help to furnish dog bins to reduce issues. Otherwise
private individuals or the Community Council can use the
Rambler's Association link
(https://www.ramblers.org.uk/advice/improve-the-path-network/how-to c
for advice. To make a claim that the path is a right of way and
should be placed on the definitive map the applicant should
approach the Rights of Way Officer at Brecon Beacons National
Park. Councillors DM and GT are to talk to the landowners again.
A legal route may be long winded, expensive and may not be in the
best interests of the community.
Brecon Beacons National Park work continues on the Beacons Way
at Bwlch Waun and along the Tram Road.
h. Llangynidr Agricultural Show Society thank you for the
5. Clerk's Report
Late correspondence – for information only:
a. Clerks and Councils Direct – on circulation
b. Recording hitherto unrecorded rights of way, free training
on Sunday 24th March in Glasbury, booking essential.
Please contact the Clerk for details.
c. Kerbside garden waste collection service will be rolled out
in April/May. Notices will be placed near current green
waste bins.
£37.36 was collected from toilet donations between mid-
December to late February.
There is a Refugee Day being planned for Llangynidr in the
6. Finance:
a. Statement of Accounts and Bank reconciliation for January
2019. Approved.
b. Cheques to be approved in February 2019. Approved.
Cleaning the car park (Feb) £37.50
Cleaning the public conveniences (Feb) £114.50
Clerks wages and stationery allowance(Feb so) £333.21
Llangynidr Jubilee Heritage & Celebration Trust £80.001
Llangynidr Jubilee Heritage & Celebration Trust £100.00
Brecon Advice Centre £50.002
Friends of Llangynidr School £100.002
Wales Air Ambulance £50.002
Brecon Mountain Rescue Team £100.002
Llangynidr Agricultural Society Show £100.002
Crickhowell Volunteer Bureau (Defribulator) £100.002
1 Cheque re-issued due to name change.
2 Approval only
British Gas (electricity for the toilets – new tariff) £30.962
British Gas (electricity for the toilets – old tariff) £72.332
Llangynidr Village Hall & Recreation Ground
Charity £145.00
c. Cheques approved in January 2019.
Cleaning the car park (Jan) £37.50
Clerk’s wages and stationery allowance (Dec so) £333.21
Clerk’s wages and stationery allowance (Jan so) £333.21
Cleaning the public conveniences (Jan) £114.50
Cleaning the public conveniences (Contractor 2 Nov)
Cleaning the car park (Contractor 2 Nov) £20.001
Cleaning the public conveniences (Contractor 1 Nov)
Cleaning the car park (Contractor 1 Nov) £17.501
Metrorod (blockage at the toilets) £228.001
Supplies for the toilets £36.561
Electricity for the toilets £52.421
7. Report from the County Councillor.
Although not able to be present the County Councillor gave a report
to The Chairman – the potholes at the junction of Cwm Crawnon
and Duffryn Road and Cyffredding Lane are to be reviewed. The
bridge lights are to be installed soon. The County Councillor has a
meeting soon with a local landowner who is considering applying
for planning permission on some of his land. She will request 9
social housing dwellings to supply local needs should planning
permission be granted.
8. Planning Applications: 19/17016/FUL Pencommin Farm, no
9. A demountable camera has been advertised recently. It may
be suitable for monitoring the car park. To be discussed and
action agreed. On enquiry, the costs were felt to be prohibitive and
it may be that anti-social behaviour is reduced when the new houses
abutting the car park are occupied.
10.Tight ftting lids are required for the public toilets. To be
discussed and action agreed. Clerk to take advice from a former
11.Crickhowell Pretty Pins Leg Club, a charity devoted to the
alleviation of leg problems, has requested fnancial support
from the Community Council. To be discussed and action
agreed. Put aside until the precept next year.
12.There has been an appeal for funding from the Wales Air
Ambulance. To be discussed and action agreed. This charity
has just been in receipt of a donation.
13.The Powys County Council toilet strategy has been
circulated. Comments are invited by 22nd April 2019. Noted.
14.Keep Wales Tidy invite the community to run a spring
cleaning event between the 22nd March and the 23rd April.
To be discussed and action agreed. Saturday 13th April 2019
was chosen, the Clerk to invite the WI, inform Keep Wales Tidy of
the event. The Burial Ground to be included in the litter pick.
15.More thanks have been received for the volunteers' work
done on the telephone kiosks. The post box on Forge Road
is to be painted when the weather gets warmer.
16.Agenda items for the next Five Councils' meeting are invited
by the next hosts, Vale of Grwyney Community Council.
None. Clerk to email Vale of Grywney Clerk.
17.Standing orders, whilst approved, have yet to be customised
to the community council's needs. The clerk proposes a
“straw man” which has been circulated for council to discuss
and approve. Clerk to arrange a separate meeting on Wednesday
the 6th March (the hall was booked for the 5th) to complete standing
orders and approve them.
18.Interim report on the land registry work. Clerk to locate some
missing documents.
19.Risk assessment for approval. Approved with the review date
updated to February 2020.
20.Reserves analysis for approval. Approved
21.Grants and donation policy has been circulated and is now
offered for approval. Approved with addition of Burial Ground
22.Residents have complained about the dog fouling problem
again. To be discussed and action agreed. This is a general
problem in the village but particularly in the upper village. Clerk to
inform Powys County Council and ask for advice. Clerk to ask for
advice from Keep Wales Tidy. DM to ask a local vet for advice as
dog fouling is a health issue for stock.
23.A long narrow pot hole has appeared in Duffryn Road close
to the car park. To be discussed and action agreed.
24.One Voice Wales membership renewal. Approved
25.Persondy feld grazing rights have been advertised, one
tender must be selected. The only tender was received, it was
accepted. The current licencee has worked diligently to keep the feld
in good condition.
26.The Data Protection Policy is offered for approval. Approved
with changes to references from Town Council to Community
Council. Clerk to install the policy on the website.
27.The WI wish to plant some trees in the recreation ground
and have in mind specifc locations, to be discussed. 15
saplings are to be planted behind the toilets and by the playground.
There was some concern about the plantings complicating the grass
cutting but no objections.
28.A meeting between the Village Hall Committee and the
Community Council to discuss their mutual interests have
been suggested for 6.30pm on Monday 4th March. To be
discussed and action agreed. This meeting has been cancelled
but MP will try to establish if there is any appetite amongst the
Village Hall Committee members for a meeting. The Community
Council remains positive.
29.Reports from meetings attended. DF reported a meeting of the
Crickhowell District Focus Health Group to take place around the
beginning of March.
30. Any agenda items for the next meeting from Councillors:
Date of next meeting: 26th March 2019
Signed by the Chair