Minutes of a Council Meeting held in the Village Hall
on Tuesday 26th March 2019 at 7.30pm.

Public participation.
Present: Mrs Margaret Price (Chair), Mr David Filsell, Mr Gene Taylor, Mr David
Williams, Mr David Mantle, Mrs Elizabeth Gibbs, Mr Alan James and County
Councillor Rosemarie Harris.
In attendance: S.Dale (Clerk).

1. Apologies for absence: Mr George Moretta and Mr David Evans.
2. Declaration of interest in items of business listed below: None
3. Signing of the minutes:
Of the meeting of the fnance committee on the 8th January
2019. Proposed by GTand seconded by DW.
Of the meeting held on the 26th February 2019 were approved.
Proposed by GT and seconded by AJ.
4. Correspondence to be circulated:
a. Letter from a resident declining the appointment of internal
b. Email (18/3/2019) confrming the date of a meeting
between the Police and Crime Commissioner and
Town/Community Councillors from the Crickhowell area
as Friday 24th May 2019 in The Bear 2-4pm. Clerk to inform
organizers, MP and DW will attend.
c. Remittance Advice from Powys County Council on the 6th
March 2019. £396.06 for recycling. This sum is likely to
decrease with the change in green waste recycling policy.
5. Clerk's Report
Late correspondence – for information only:
Local Democracy and boundary commission for Wales has
issued a fnal recommendation report. Llangattock and
Llangynidr are to be joined for the purposes of county council
elections and will be represented by one councillor not two as
present. Put on circulation and on the agenda for April.
Referred to a former councillor about the cistern lids – he is
happy that risk is minimised by cisterns being inside the
maintenance cupboard, no further action to be taken.
Planning Aid Wales – Planning your places training
undertaken by the Clerk. Good training about Place Plans.
They are a key way for communities to safeguard their built
environment. Community involvement is needed from the
start, and the help of offcers from the Brecon Beacons
National Park.
Planning Training on infuencing planning decisions will take
place on 9th April in the village hall 6.30pm to 9pm.
The completed standing orders are now published on the
6. Finance:
a. Statement of Accounts and Bank reconciliation for February
2019. Approved with some details to be added.
b. Cheques to be approved in March 2019. Approved.
Offce Depot International (Viking) toilet supplies £38.71
Cleaning the car park (Mar) £37.50
Cleaning the public conveniences (Mar) £114.50
Clerks wages and stationery allowance(Mar so) £333.21
Wales Audit Offce (external audit bill) £225.752
Grass cutting (MB Property Services Ltd) £575.002
c. Cheques approved in February 2019.
Cleaning the car park (Feb) £37.50
Cleaning the public conveniences (Feb) £114.50
Clerks wages and stationery allowance(Feb so) £333.21
Llangynidr Jubilee Heritage & Celebration Trust £80.001
Llangynidr Jubilee Heritage & Celebration Trust £100.00
Brecon Advice Centre £50.002
Friends of Llangynidr School £100.002
Wales Air Ambulance £50.002
Brecon Mountain Rescue Team £100.002
Llangynidr Agricultural Society Show £100.002
Crickhowell Volunteer Bureau (Defbrillator) £100.002
British Gas (electricity for the toilets – new tariff) £30.962
British Gas (electricity for the toilets – old tariff) £72.332
Llangynidr Village Hall & Recreation Ground
Charity £145.00
7. Report from the County Councillor.
The Boundaries Commission report does not recognise the ties
between Bwlch, Cwm Du and Disrtict and Llangynidr. Long term it
makes better sense to join Bwlch to Llangynidr rather than
The budget was passed at the second attempt with £19M of cuts, but
most services have been kept going. The increase in Council tax is
9.5% or £2.30 per week for a Band D property.
RH attended a Downing Street St David's day reception – a very
good day.
An MP may be recalled, requiring significant administrative
The Circuit of Wales has received a boost with Blaenau Gwent
County Council buying an option to purchase the land as part of the
Cardiff City Deal.
8. Planning Applications: 19/17162/FUL , no objections.
9. A grant application has been received from Llangynidr
Football Club. To be discussed and action agreed. Approved
10.Dog fouling is a problem for the village and Tidy Towns
Wales has suggested a series of notices in the affected area.
To be discussed and action agreed. Clerk to action.
11.Some of the Community Council's deeds are lodged with a
Solicitors' offce in Abergavenny. An instruction to the Clerk
is needed to retrieve them and a certifed copy of each. To
be discussed and action agreed. Councillors wish to look at the
deeds at the April meeting. The instruction was approved.
12.Flooding on Cyffredin Lane has been persistent during the
recent weather. To be discussed and action agreed. RH
suggested a site meeting with a Highways offcer and DM and EG.
13.The website needs a re-organisation to make it easier to
navigate the minutes and agenda pages. To also incorporate
a page for standing documents. Clerk to ask the original web
designer for a quote to do the work.
14.Call to participate in the development of a skateboard park
in Crickhowell for the younger people of the area. Please
inform the Clerk if interested. Councillors are free to
15.Terms of reference for the standing committees, Human
Resources, Planning, Finance and the additional delegation
for planning, have been written. To be discussed and action
agreed. Approved to be put on the web site.
16.The grass cutting contract has been advertised. To be
discussed and action agreed. Only one tender was received, this
was approved. Clerk to action.
17.A candidate for internal auditor is needed. To be discussed
and action agreed. A local accountant may be willing to help,
Clerk to enquire.
18.Llangynidr Village Hall Committee and Llangynidr Football
Club will have held a meeting to discuss matters of mutual
interest. The Community Council may wish to support their
efforts by discussing the outcome. RH chaired a meeting on
Monday 25th March 2019 and a resolution was found. The Village
Hall and the Football Club have agreed a 5 year deal for use of the
facilities at the Hall. The Community Council was happy to be
involved in the successful outcome as it owns the feld, the car park
and makes a substantial contribution annually to the Village Hall.
19.Membership of the Society of Local Council Clerks is due
for renewal if the Community Council agrees (£122.00).
20.Reports from meetings attended.
MP attended the Village Hall meeting on Monday 25th March.
Mr Games retired from the Chair. Clerk to write to the out going
Chair to thank him for his great contribution to the village over
many years.
The School Governors met recently, DW reported that the
school is running well and has 135 children.
GT met with two local landowners, they would like to re-open
the former path by Pentwyn but are reluctant due to the
unpleasantness they have suffered. Landowners are not
obliged to open permissive paths and are within their rights to
close them.
New LDP meeting run by Brecon Beacon National Park
Authority (BBNPA) was attended by EG. The BBNPA
decided to replace the current LDP because of a failure to
maintain a 5 year land supply.
The preferred strategy for the new LDP will by put out for an
8 week consultation period in May-June. Then the LDP itself
will be prepared 2019-2020. The current LDP remains in force
until the new one can be adopted in May 2022. Details are on
the BBNPA website.
Candidate sites will be called for in May-June. EG commented
that it seems unlikely that Llangynidr will retain it's no
development classifcation. The best way to infuence the
outcome is by producing a place plan. If this is to be
embarked upon, a meeting with the BBNPA Offcer is to be
planned for April and after that a village meeting should be
considered to gauge residents' support for a place plan. A
useful idea in the current LDP is environmental capacity,
Llangynidr with it's bridge and narrow roads has little
envirnmental capacity for new houses.
EG also attended the 5 Council's meeing on the 20th March
2019. The LDP process was raised by Crickhowell Town
Council. They have a place plan and reported the benefts of
early community involvement. Policing was was also on the
agenda, a warning letter about scams has been circulated and
will be put on the noticeboard. Councillors are urged to talk to
vulnerable people. Broadband was also on the agenda, it is
now very diffcult to improve provision further.
Llangynidr Bridge was raised by Cwm Du and District. It
seems the lights are likely to be installed. Green waste has
been referred to at item 4.c. Retrospective planning is an issue
for some of the 5 councils' they are now in touch with Welsh
Government about the lack of penalties. Powys County
Council has declined the offer to house nuclear waste.
21. Any agenda items for the next meeting from Councillors:
Date of next meeting: 30th April 2019
Signed by the Chair