Minutes of a Council Meeting held in the Village Hall
on Tuesday 26th November 2019 at 7.30pm.

Public participation – Two members of the public attended and spoke to the
Community Council about the telephone kiosks in the village. They pointed out that
the kiosk by the school and the Forge Road kiosk have seen little use recently. There
may need to be a local consultation if a kiosk is to be adopted, Clerk is to check this
and to place the issue of adoption on the agenda for January 2020.
Present: Mrs Margaret Price (Chair), Mr David Williams, Mrs Elizabeth Gibbs, Mr
Alan James, Mr Mark Brian and Mr Paul Lindoewood.
In attendance: S.Dale (Clerk).

1. Apologies: Mr George Moretta, Mr David Mantle, Mr Gene
Taylor and County Councillor Rosemarie Harris.
2. Declaration of interest in items of business listed below: None
3. Signing of the minutes:
a. the meeting held on the 29th October 2019. Amendments
were necessary and the draft minutes will be resubmitted in
January 2020. Item 7, second sentence should read “RH is
hopeful that the increase in council tax will not be as steep
as this year..”. Item 8, first sentence should read “EG
explained for information that the previous application had
been withdrawn following objections by Natural Resources
Wales (NRW), she then declared an interest and took no
further part in the discussion.”
4. Correspondence:
a. Precept request form from Powys County Council. Circulation
b. Bank account conditions change. Circulation
c. Appeal from Dyslexia Society – A national, not local, society.
d. Survey from Powys Community Health Board. Circulation
e. Invitation to Schools engagement (see item 16). Circulation
f. Invitation to support a petition to get Powys County Council to
reintroduce third party correspondence to planning. Circulation
5. Clerk’s Report.
The correspondence fle will be sent to the councillors who
do not have email facilities, this is because most
correspondence is circulated by email.
A meeting between the Village Hall Chairman and the
Community Council Chairman has been agreed for early in
the New Year 2020.
Toilet donations of £32.96 have been banked recently.
A litter pick on 16th November collecting 11/2 bags of
rubbish and ½ bag of recycling by 8 volunteers.
The maintenance of the public toilets has started.
6. Finance:
a. Statement of accounts, bank reconciliation and budget for
October 19. Approved
b. Cheques to be approved in November 2019.
Cleaning the car park (Nov & Dec) £75.00
Cleaning the public conveniences (Nov & Dec) £229.00
Clerks wages and Stationery Allowance (Nov so) £333.21
Clerks wages and Stationery Allowance (Dec so) £333.21
Zurich Insurance £394.45
Grass cutting contract £575.001
Defbrillator cabinet £380.002
Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal £19.25
c. Cheques approved in October 2019.
British Gas (electric lights in the public toilets) £42.01
Cleaning the car park (Oct) £37.50
Cleaning the public conveniences (Oct) £114.50
Clerks wages and Stationery Allowance (Oct so) £333.21
Tennis Club Award £150.00
Village Hall Committee £3000.00
Burial Ground Trust £200.00
7. Report from the County Councillor - None
8. Planning Application: None
9. A resident has asked that a vehicle speed monitor be
purchased to further the work of the speed watch team. To
be discussed and action agreed. The Council will monitor the
speed of traffc on Forge Road, Clerk is to ask Powys County
Council why they do not help to reduce speed there and on Cwm
Crawnon Road. Adjourn to the January agenda.
10.The school has requested that the community council
consider the purchase of a outdoor cabinet for the new
school defbrillator. This would enable members of the
community to use the facility at need. The cost is likely to
be £380.00. Clerk is to clarify the responsibility for the on-going
maintenance with the Head Teacher. Adjourned to the January
11.The insurance renewal quote has been issued for £394.45.
To be discussed and action agreed. Resolved to purchase.
12.The litter pick team need more large hi-viz vests (5) and
hoops (for holding the collecting bags open). To be
discussed and action agreed. Clerk to identify costs and report
back to the meeting in January. Adjourned.
13.The Place Plan team request to be made a Working Group
of the community council. To be discussed and action
agreed. Resolved, terms of reference/constitution to be considered
at the January meeting.
14.Precept deadline is before the January meeting. Can
council bring the date of the January meeting forward a
week (to the 21st January) or formally approve the precept
request at the precept meeting (14th January) or combine
the two full meetings into one on the 21st January. The
Finance Committee meeting is set for 7th of January.
The precept meeting is set for 14th January 2020, the January
meeting is set for the 21st. Finance committee to take place on 7th .
15.Vehicles coming up Forge Road appear to be travelling too
fast for the safety of pedestrians. To be discussed and
action agreed. See item 9.
16.Invitation from Powys County Council to engage with
them about education in Powys. 13th December 2 to 3.30pm
or 17th December 7 to 8.30pm. To be discussed and action
agreed. Clerk to make bookings on request from Community
17.A councillor has been asked about Brecon Library
facilities, particularly for children, could this be followed
up? To be discussed and action agreed. It was reported that
the provision looks quite good.
18.The state of the equipment in the recreation ground has
been queried, could funding be found to help the Village
Hall Committee renew their facilities? To be discussed
and action agreed. The Village Hall Committee may wish to
explore funding options from Powys County Council, The Army,
the Lottery and possibly the Green Man. The Community Council
too would be willing to consider an appeal (by January 7th).
19.Reports from meetings attended. DW attended a meeting of
the school governors. The school is doing very well.
EG attended a Place Plan meeting.
The Royal British Legion has been very successful in Llangynidr.
20.Any agenda items for the next meeting from Councillors.
The two wooden pedestrian gates to the Car Park need replacing.
There is a pot hole below Pwll Court. There is a blocked pipe
leading to surface water on the corner of Dyffryn Road and Cwm
Crawnon Road. Review the green waste service from Powys
County Council.
21. Date of next meeting: 7th January 2020 (Finance only)
14th January 2020 (Precept all)
21st January 2020 (Full council)
There being no further business to discuss the Chairman
closed the meeting at 9.00pm
Signed by the Chairman...........................