Minutes of an Annual Council Meeting held in the Village Hall
on Tuesday 28th May 2019 at 7.30pm

Public Participation: None
Present: Mrs Margaret Price(Chair), Cllr. Rosemarie Harris, Mr Gene Taylor,
Mr David Williams, Mr Alan James, Mrs Elizabeth Gibbs, Mr George Moretta
& Mr David Filsell.
In attendance: S Dale (Clerk)

1. To elect a Chair of the Council. Mrs Margaret Price was unanimously
elected Chair of the Community Council. Proposed by GM and seconded
by DF.
2. To receive the Chairs declaration of acceptance of office. The Clerk
received and witnessed the Chair's declaration of acceptance.
3. To elect a Vice-Chair of the Council. Mr David Williams was elected
Vice-Chair of the Community Council. Proposed by MP and seconded by
4. To appoint representatives to the following outside bodies:
a. Llangynidr Village Hall Trustee MP.
b. Primary School, DW.
c. Burial Ground Trustee - adjourned to June meeting.
d. Focus on Health, DF.
5. To appoint Committees;
a. Finance – AJ(Chair) GT & DF.
b. Planning – GM(Chair), DF, GT & EG.
c. Rights of Way – DM(Chair) MP, DW & DE.
d. Human Resources – MP, PL and GM(Chair).
6. Apologies for absence: DM
7. Declaration of interest in items of business listed below: EG declared
an interest in item 20, concerning the fallen trees on a footpath that might
involve land belonging to her family.
8. The Minutes of the meeting held on 30th April 2019: were approved
and signed by the Chair. Proposed by EG and seconded by DW.
9. Correspondence:
a) Response from Brecon Beacons National Park Authority about
the request for a grant to pay for a projector.
b) Follow up to the planning complaint of April 2019 – no reply
c) Welsh Government response to the letter concerning boundary
changes at the next county elections.
10.Clerk’s Report
Late Correspondence: Clerks and Councils Direct.
Letter of application from a candidate for the casual vacancy on the
Letter from a resident about the Annual Parish Meeting.
Clerk is going to Gabb and Co to have the deeds certifed in preparation
for the registration.
Clerk had a meeting with a resident, he wanted to look at the deeds of the
recreation ground. He suggested asking the Secretary to the Village Hall
Committee to look for deeds to the hall.
A further £30.57 has been collected by the donation box at the public
conveniences, recycling remittance of £221.41 and we have had a VAT
refund of £127.82.
a. Engagement,remit and report of the internal auditor.
b. Approval of the annual governance statements. Approved.
c. Presentation of the asset register for approval. Approved.
d. Approval of the Annual Return. Approved.
e. Presentation of the fnancial risk assessment and
management document for approval. Approved.
f. Statement of Accounts for April 2019. Approved.
g. Cheques paid in April 2019
Cleaning the Car Park (April) £37.50
Clerk’s wages and stationery allowance (so April) £333.21
Cleaning the public conveniences (April) £114.50
Llangynidr Junior Football Club £200.00
Society of local council clerks, membership £122.00
h. Cheques to be approved for payment in May 2019. Approved
Society of Local Council Clerks (approval only) £100.00
Drain unblocking for the public toilets £50.00
Scouts appeal £100.00
Cleaning the Car Park (May) £37.50
Reimbursement for refreshments at Parish Meeting £21.97
Clerk’s wages and stationery allowance (so May) £333.21
Cleaning of the Public Conveniences (May) £114.50
Photocopier support for the School £150.00
Young Persons Award (adjourned to June) £50.00
12. Report from the County Councillor.
There will be resurfacing works in Groesffordd and Cae Porth soon. It is
acknowledged that parking is diffcult there.
A member of the village hall committee has expressed concern about
likely forthcoming expenses especially the boiler and roof. The Chairman
has stood down after many years service.
13. The original designer of the Community Council's website has
offered a quote of £139.60 (including VAT) to make the adaptations required. To be discussed and actions agreed.
Approved – Clerk to action.
14.Litter pick for the village in June. Date to be agreed. 22nd June.
15.To pay the school for community use of the photocopier.
16.To receive a report from the clerk about security arrangements for
important documents. It was decided to select a master lock 18.6 ltr
waterproof Fire Chest (£99.00) to go in the archive cupboard in the
village hall. Deeds to be scanned and placed on the website. Further
security work is required. Approved.
17. The roots of a tree in the car park are growing through to an
adjacent drain. This, combined with other factors , is leading to
blockage problems. To be discussed and action agreed. A site
meeting is to be held this month to be reported back to the June meeting.
18.Residents have requested a dog waste bin by by the salt box near
Twyn Pandy. To be discussed and action agreed. Clerk to ask
Powys County Council.
19.The traffc hazard areas in the village, particularly at the village
hall crossing, the pre-school entrance to the school and Walnut
Tree Stores need to be reviewed. To be discussed and action
agreed. Clerk to ask Highways for a meeting and a review of these sites,
and additionally, the area between the Erw Bant and the Forge Road hill.
20.Fallen trees are reported to be blocking a footpath off Cyffreddin
Lane. To be discussed and action agreed. Clerk to contact the Brecon
Beacons National Park Warden about the hazard.
21.There has been an application for a young persons award. The
applicant is 12 and lives in Llangynidr. She hopes to start a small
baking business and will use the award to buy equipment and
ingredients. To be discussed and action agreed. Council would
like to hear more about the proposal and invite the young resident to
meet with them in June. Clerk assured Council that the young resident
was aware of the need to serve the community if given the award.
Usually this is to visit council and relate how the award has helped the
young person.
22. Consultation on the preferred strategy for the Local Development
Plan is due at the beginning of July. Community Councils are
being directed to to involve their communities in discussions
about the plan, which is likely to mean a village meeting in July.
To be discussed and action agreed. Some councillors were concerned
that the new LDP might mean more development in the village.
However that may only be the case if the formal classifcation of the
village changed.
Clerk to ask the Brecon Beacons National Park Authority (BBNPA)
Offcer to supply large maps of the village for discussion purposes and a
list of the registered candidate sites in the village. “Contact” is to be
asked after the next meeting, to carry a poster for the consultation event
and leafets are to be printed. Clerk to ask the BBNPA for guidance
explaining that the venue needs to be booked well in advance.
23.Any agenda items from the Councillors. None
Date of next meeting: 25th June 2019.
The business completed the Chairman closed the meeting at
Tuesday, June 4, 2019
Signed by the Chairman..................
Date ….............................................
Addendum – Meetings attended.
EG Attended a meeting hosted the Civic Society of Crickhowell for the
Five Councils' area. The meeting was between the Police and Crime
Commissioner of Dyfed-Powys Police and community representatives.
The Commissioner explained that the precept had been increased in
order to keep up the numbers of offcers on the street. PCSOs are to be
re-organised and better supported by Constables starting from July.
MP attended a Village Hall meeting where the need for more bookings
was discussed.
DW attended a School Governors meeting and reported that the school
was running well.