Minutes of a Council Meeting held in the Village Hall
on Tuesday 30th April 2019 at 7.30pm.

Public participation. Two Officers from Brecon Beacons National Park Authority
(BBNPA) spoke about the creation of community place plans. Place plans can
become supplementary planning guidance which can effect subsequent developments
within the community. They are created by the community, gathering evidence and
defining those issues significant to the community. They are usually guided by a
small group of volunteers and an officer of the BBNPA . The process can take
between 1 and 3 years, but usually 18 months to 2 years. A place plan can respond to
very specific local needs as well as the wider community's needs.
Present: Mrs Margaret Price (Chair), Mr David Filsell, Mr David Williams, Mrs
Elizabeth Gibbs, Mr Paul Lindoewood, Mr George Moretta and County Councillor
Rosemarie Harris.
In attendance: S.Dale (Clerk), 2 Officers from the BBNPA.

1. Apologies for absence: Mr Gene Taylor and Mr Alan James.
2. Declaration of interest in items of business listed below: None
3. Signing of the minutes:
Of the meeting held on the 6th March 2019 (Standing orders
meeting) were approved. Proposed by DW and seconded by
Of the meeting held on the 26th March 2019 were approved.
Proposed by DW and seconded by DF.
4. Correspondence to be circulated:
a. May 24th, Police and Crime Commissioner meeting in The
Bear Inn at 2-4pm. Correspondence
b. Consultation on proposals to amend the Public Audit
(Wales) Act 2013 by May 3rd. Clerk to respond
c. Abermule recycling facility, a further appeal for support.
5. Clerk's Report
Late correspondence – for information only:
The internal audit will take place during May. Results will be
presented in the May meeting.
Website development under discussion with the Web designer. A
proposal will be presented in the May meeting. It includes
adaptations to the agenda and minutes pages and a new page for
standing documents.
Old planning applications and other outdated material have been
sent for disposal.
EG and PL report their willingness to continue as One Voice Wales
representatives. Clerk to request more notice of meetings.
DW asked the Clerk to remember the Photocopier Support for the
6. Finance:
a. Statement of Accounts and Bank reconciliation for March
end of year 2019. Approved.
b. Cheques to be approved in April 2019.
Cleaning the car park (Apr)
Cleaning the public conveniences (Apr)
Clerks wages and stationery allowance(Apr so)
Llangynidr Junior Football Club
Society of Local Council Clerks, membership £122.001
c. Cheques approved in March 2019.
Offce Depot International (Viking) toilet supplies £38.71
Cleaning the car park (Mar) £37.50
Cleaning the public conveniences (Mar) £114.50
Clerks wages and stationery allowance(Mar so) £333.21
Wales Audit Offce (external audit bill) £225.75
Grass cutting (MB Property Services Ltd) £575.00
7. Report from the County Councillor.
The community green waste bins have been removed, in line with
the new policy. The abuse of these bins was enormous, but it is
recognised that villagers liked them. Some village residents report
disposing of their green waste is more difficult now. The new policy
is “bedding in”.
The Powys Lottery Fund is to be launched, the aim is to support
good causes with an online community lottery. Tickets will cost £1
with 50% going to charity, 20% to prizes, 20% to management and
administration and the final 10% going to a pot to be distributed
twice a year. Clerk to put the contact information on the
noticeboard and website.
Ladies GB cyclists are to compete in Powys on the 14th June 2019,
finishing on the Royal Welsh Show Ground. Good for the economy!
It is hoped that they will come back in following years
More inspections are being carried out on social services and
The caravan park at Glan Usk is opening from June to October with
concerns over the traffic on the narrow, winding back road. The
lay-bys are narrow and may not be wide enough to ease the traffic
The owner of the Green Man Festival is intending to visit the
community council in the near future.
The bus service will not be closing for the Green Man Festival.
Clerk to put up a notice on the noticeboard and website to that
8. Planning Application: 19/17162/ FUL, 24 Pencommin. Rear
extension etc, pitched roof on garage and utility. No objections.
9. Local Democracy and Boundary Commission for Wales has
issued a fnal recommendation report. The report states that
Llangynidr will be joined with Llangattock for the purposes of
County Council elections. To be discussed and action agreed.
Voter numbers have been equalised between rural and built-up
areas. It is certain that Bwlch and district would be a more suitable
option for joining with Llangynidr. There are many ties between the
two communities; Bwlch and district children attend Llangynidr
School, Sports, Clubs, the Bridge and lots of social interaction.
Clerk to write to the Commission to express this view.
10.Some of the community council's deeds have been stored at
the solicitors in Abergavenny, these have been retrieved and
councillors may wish to view them. The long term security of
all deeds and important documents should be considered.
After registration has taken place the deeds should be lodged with a
facility with an annual charge. This will ensure that a record is kept
of the status of these important documents. Clerk to action.
11.A local accountant has kindly agreed to undertake the internal
audit. Clerk to request signed copy of the letter of
engagement. Noted
12.The public toilets were blocked again. Although this has been
rectifed for now, it seems likely to recur given that the
blockage was caused by wipes and a number of other small
objects. To be discussed and action agreed. Notices are to be
put in place. A letter of thanks is to sent to the contractor who
dealt with this problem. His extra effort is very much appreciated
by the Community Council.
13.The Crickhowell skateboard park/landfll tax grant project is
going ahead, council has been invited to participate or
indicate their preference not to participate. Clerk to decline.
14.There is a consultation for Town and Community Councils on
their experiences of planning services. Response date
10/5/2019. Plans printed on A4 are not very readable, Council
needs a projector to do them justice, clerk to write to BBNPA for a
15.There is a long, deep pot hole near the entrance to Church
Close. To be discussed and action agreed. RH will discuss the
pothole with Powys County Council Highways Department.
16.Traffc monitor machines cost about £250 and would allow the
speedwatch team to be more active. A local trust may be able
to help. To be discussed and action agreed. Clerk to write to
Monmouthshire Housing on behalf of the Speedwatch team, to
request help to buy a speedwatch monitor. This would enable to
team to be more active and reduce average speeds through the
17.The Community Council may wish to support the creation of
a place plan for the village. To be discussed and action
agreed. The Community Council wishes to seek help from
interested residents, either for their views or their involvement.
Clerk to put up notices to this effect.
18.1st Llangynidr Scouts appeal for fnancial support of £200. A
sum of £100 is awarded to the Troop. Clerk to action.
19.Pretty pins legs club appeal for fnancial support of £250. The
request is to be considered at precept time (next January). Clerk to
write to Pretty Pins to inform them of the outcome.
20.A development in Duffryn Road has given rise to complaints:
1. Planning Permission without neighbours' knowledge or consent
2. Building works being carried out without either Planning
permission or neighbours' knowledge and consent.
3. Trespassing and Damage to property without the owners'
knowledge or consent.
These are matters for the BBNPA. However some comments have
been made about item 3:
It was reported to the meeting that consent had been sought and
given by the occupier, of the time.
Clerk to write to BBNPA to ask if the irregularities of the
application could be looked into; apparently some neighbours were
consulted, some were not and there may have been ambiguity in the
plans around an area of garden.
21.What are the possibilities for green waste disposal in Llangynidr?
Reported under Item 8.
22.Reports from meetings attended. None
23.Any agenda items for the next meeting from Councillors.

Date of the next meeting is 28th May 2019 in the village hall.
There being no further business the Chairman closed the meeting at 9.20pm