Minutes of a Council Meeting held via electronic media on Tuesday 24th November 2020 at 7.30pm. Some councillors experienced technical difficulties.

Public participation. 3 members of the public; a Councillor's helper a resident and Sam Ridge Brecon Beacons National Park Warden. Sam outlined recent activities in our area. BBNP has been responding to this strange year with much work conducted in co-operation with the the Canal and River Trust. There were very high visitor numbers late in the season. In the Trefil area a bridge was installed in Spring, signage for rockfalls had to be installed, illegal off-roading and fly tipping has been tackled with section 59 warnings being issued. Other enforcements are under consideration by the Police and our Assembly Member, Kirsty Williams. The Beacons Way and the Usk Valley Walk are being improved.

Present: Mr Mark Brian, Mrs Margaret Price, (MP chaired as MB had a technical difficulty which meant he could not chair) Mr David Mantle, Mrs Elizabeth Gibbs, Mr Alan James, Mr Gene Taylor, Mr David Williams and Mr Paul Lindoewood.

In attendance: S.Dale (Clerk). 4 x members of the public.

1.Apologies: Mr David Filsell.

2.Declaration of interest in items of business listed below: None

3. Signing of the minutes; Approved, proposed AL and seconded GT.

4.Correspondence: See 9, 10 and 13 items.

5.Clerk's Report.

14 addresses have recorded an interest in the Broadband improvement initiative.

The after school club reports that they are doing well and don't need anything.

Zoom” problem identified. When you open zoom as a host it opens a new meeting automatically which is the default meeting, but one can avoid the problem if you know it exists.

British Gas bill £15.03 has come in today.

The website is finished and published.

The Strategic Development Plan Seminar has yet to be announced.

News of the precept arrangements has come through, the deadline is the 22nd January 21. Council's meeting is on the 17th January.


a)The bank account reconciles with the accounts package. Budgeting preparations are underway and include issues such as drains repairs for the public toilets, dead tree felling on the riverbank, registration of the wash lanes and expenses involved in registering the recreation ground.

b)Cheques to be approved in November 2020. Approved.


Cleaning the car park (Oct)

Clerk’s wages and stationery allowance (Oct so)

Cleaning the public conveniences (Oct)

Purple and Green website

Viking (supplies for the public toilets)

Hedge cutting in the car park








c)Cheques approved in October 2020

Cleaning the car park (Oct)

Clerk’s wages and stationery allowance (Oct so)

Cleaning the public conveniences (Oct)

Flower Bed contract during summer months (Oct)

Viking toilet supplies







7.County Councillors's Report

Local issues first: Cyffreddin Lane is on the work list both resurfacing after Aberhoywe and pooling water by the canal bridge. Secondly, the water by Mardy Lane bridge which collects after rain is also on the work list.

Other news: The Strategic Development Plan which has come out of the Local Government Bill, Powys County Council will be grouped with Ceredigion County Council.

Children's Services were poor a number of years ago but now are extremely good.

It is estimated that a no-deal Brexit will cost £3-5 billion to Wales.

8.Planning Applications:20/19222/FUL Pantllwyd. Holiday lets from former barns.

Two objections arose in Council’s discussion; the first is to the proposed use of private resident’s driveways as passing places for barn traffic on the way to Llangynidr village. Notwithstanding, Glaisfer Road is very narrow at it’s northern end and it is difficult for drivers to reverse. The second is to the proposed use of the Beaufort road access (by the barn traffic), which is a very dangerous access. It seems unlikely that this access could be widened as both sides are privately owned. 
A resident (who lives on Glaisfer Road) was present for the meeting and was concerned about the proposed use of private resident’s driveways as passing places.  

20/19225/CI, electricity wire for the mast at Ty Canol.
The wire will intrude on the skyline, and should be buried so that it does not.  
(Since the meeting we have been advised that the application is no-longer in the public domain even so I sent this comment as I am duty bound to do so.)

The signs requested for Forge Road (parking and recycling) have been evaluated and a small scheme designed by Powys County Council. The Community Council is to choose whether they want graphics or graphics and words. The scheme has been circulated.

The community council feels that the smaller recycling/parking signs, with no words, are better.  Do we need B road numbers on the place signs? Also the parking problem (when it occurs) is lower down on Forge Road so we need one there, and we definitely need one at the Forge Road / Cwm Crawnon Road and by the car park as Powys County Council identified.

9.Update on the river bridge signage. An email report from Powys County Council indicates that action will be forthcoming. The green light on the signs has been raised with Powys County Council.

10.Report on the wash lanes still existing in the village. Two are fine, one is a bit clogged up Clerk to ask the Historical Society to research the wash lanes. Council wishes to bring residents into regarding the wash lanes as a valued part of village heritage. The work of registering the lanes continues.

11.Update on the former permissive paths at Pentwyn. The position is much the same, until the application goes in, the item is adjourned.

12.An application for a grant has been submitted by the Llangynidr Junior Football Club. The application is for help with the cost of the playing fields (£200) Approved

13.Report from the Human Resources Committee Meeting . The Job Description and contracted hours are to be reviewed as the job has changed in the last few years. The Clerk's NALC pay rise (for spine point 8) will be backdated to 1st April 2020. There are budget implications in the proposed change of hours (about £1500/annum). The situation has emerged over the last 2 years. The item is adjourned for the results of the review.

14.Councillors intentions towards attendance at zoom meetings. Some councillors have indicated that zoom meetings are not helpful. RH has also tried on several occasions to enter the meetings only to find herself waiting for a long time without reward. The village hall, the usual venue for Council meetings, may be available again soon. The meetings would have to be socially distanced and preferably incorporate a “zoom” element for those who have to shield. Item Adjourned.

15.Fly tipping is a real problem in the area. A vote of thanks to Powys County Council for their prompt actions. To be discussed and action agreed. Already done by RH.

16.The truck in the car park has been there for quite a while. The registration number is M100TSL. To be discussed and action agreed. GT to expedite.

17.Nine trees on the riverbank need felling in the next 6 months. It seems that the BBNPA Sustainability Fund may be able to help with the project. The Sustainability Fund could only help if the project were part of a larger effort to improve opportunities for well-being. Clerk to look into access, well-being, and Canals funding, and any other funding sources. Clerk to acquire quotes for the work, including looking at leaving the trees, once felled, to rot to reduce costs and help biodiversity. Clerk to contact Brecon Beacons National Park's Rights of Way Officer to request that the path may need to be closed temporarily.

The Chairperson closed the meeting at 9.50pm, there being no further business.

Date of next meeting:

Tuesday 5th January 2021, Finance Committee meeting.

Tuesday 12th January 2012, Precept meeting, full council.

Tuesday, 19th January 2021, Full Council Meeting.


Signed by the Chair


1Approval only

2Approval only