Minutes of a Council Meeting held via electronic media on Tuesday 29th September 2020 at 7.30pm.
Public participation. 3 members of the public and a Councillor's helper.

Present: Mr Mark Brian (Chairperson), Mrs Margaret Price, Cllr Rosemarie Harris (had technical difficulties accessing the meeting with “zoom”), Mr David Mantle, Mrs Elizabeth Gibbs, Mr Alan James and Mr Paul Lindoewood.
In attendance: S.Dale (Clerk). 4 x members of the public.

1.Apologies: Mr David Williams, Mr George Moretta, Mr David Filsell, Mr Gene Taylor.
2.Declaration of interest in items of business listed below: None
3.Signing of the minutes;
of the meetings held on the 14th July, the 28th July and the 27th August 2020 were approved.
4.Correspondence: None
5.Clerk's Report. The tree monitoring role is still vacant – clerk to contact a resident who may be interested, with information about the role. Donations from the public conveniences have been transferred to the bank (£40.01). On accessibility the files have been re-formatted but need to be quality checked before they go on the website. The files have had style tags added to them, this guides the reader using accessibility software, through the file. Unfortunately sometime this results in poor formatting for the non accessibility reader so each file has to be visually inspected and corrected if necessary.
a)42 % of budget has been spent. The total expenditure for April to August is £7448.40. Statement was approved.
b)Cheques to be approved in September 2020. Approved.
Cleaning the car park (Aug) £40.00
Clerk’s wages and stationery allowance (Aug so) £356.19
Clerk’s wages and stationery allowance (Sept so) £356.19
Cleaning the public conveniences (Aug) £120.00
Flower Bed contract during summer months (Aug) £60.00
Payment for sewers blockage fix £60.00
Speed monitor for speed watch team £242.341
Cleaning the car park (Sept) £40.00
Cleaning the public conveniences (Sept) £120.00
Flower Bed contract during summer months (Sept) £60.00
British Gas (electricity for public toilets) £27.34
Purple and Green Co Ltd (Website deposit) £594.00
c)Cheques approved from March to September 2020
Grant to the Burial Ground Committee £200.00
Grant to the Village Hall Committee £3000.00
Cleaning the car park (Jul) £40.00
Clerk’s wages and stationery allowance (Jul so) £356.19
Cleaning the public conveniences (Jul) £120.00
Flower Bed contract during summer months (Jul) £60.00
Rentokil Initial UK Ltd £191.52
Usk Valley Tree Services (bank charge) £23.00
Viking – toilet supplies £66.80
Public Toilets Cleaning (May) £114.50
Cleaning the Car Park (May) £37.50
Toilet Supplies from Screw fix via S Dale £15.99
Chairperson's Allowance £150.00
Metrorod, blockage fix £456.00
Clerk’s wages and stationery allowance (Mar so) £356.19
Clerk’s wages and stationery allowance (Apr so) £356.19
Clerk’s wages and stationery allowance (May so) £356.19
Clerk’s wages and stationery allowance (Jun so) £356.19
d)Cheques paid in February, March, April, May and June 2020. Cleaning the car park (Mar) £37.50Clerk’s wages and stationery allowance (Feb so) £356.19Cleaning the public conveniences (Mar) £114.50One Voice Wales membership £161.00Wales Audit Office £299.75Defibrillator case for the Primary School £402.00Speed monitor for speed watch team £276.482Gates for the car park Pontrillas £149.22THE SAFETY SUPPLY CO (11 Jackets via S Dale) £23.64Litter picking hoops (Water Irrigation via S Dale) £44.83Llangynidr Agricultural Society Show £100.00Jubilee Committee £100.00Brecon Advice Centre £50.00Brecon Mountain Rescue £100.00
1Cheque replaces that published for £276.48 an early quote.
2This amount should read £242.34.
Brecon Dial-a-ride (disabled club) £100.00Wales Air Ambulance £50.00Brecon and Radnor Sports Awards £50.00Powys Dyslexia Support Group £50.00Pretty pins leg club £50.00Friends of Llangynidr School £100.00Clook (internet service) via S.Dale £144.00
MB property maintenance via S Dale £50.00Cleaning the car park (Apr) £37.50Cleaning the public conveniences (Apr) £114.50British Gas (elect. for toilets) £46.00British Gas (elect. for toilets) June £41.94Car park cleaning (June) £37.50Cleaning the public conveniences (June) £114.50 Water for the toilets (June) £163.70 Usk Valley Tree Services £500.00Photocopier support for school £150.00 SLCC membership via S Dale £70.00 Llangynidr Coronavirus Volunteers £500.003
7.County Councillors's Report
The Councillor was unable to attend due to technical difficulties with “zoom”.
Her comments are attached to the minutes.
8.Planning Applications:
20/18897/FUL Aberhoywe Farm, single storey annex. No objections.
9.The telephone kiosk in the Dyffryn Crawnon is being considered by BT for removal. The community there is reportedly keen to adopt the kiosk and a consultation has been held. The results are unanimous, all those who commented were positive about the proposed adoption. Will the Community council go ahead and adopt the kiosk for them to manage? The Forge Road kiosk has also been considered for adoption from BT with a positive outcome to the consultation, will the Community Council adopt the kiosk for volunteers to manage? Clerk instructed ask about the status of the mobile signal in the Dyffryn Crawnon and then to adopt the kiosks, adding them to the insurance policy and asset register. The new telecommunications equipment at the border of Tal-y-bont and Llangynidr may help with mobile signal in the area.
10. Conflict on the river bridge often arises because unfamiliar drivers spot the green dot showing on the traffic signal when no vehicle is detected on the bridge. They take this as granting incontrovertible right to proceed (as if it were a traffic light at a road junction). The argument when they meet an equally entitled vehicle coming the other way is usually indignant and often prolonged.
3See item 17.
If the green dot were replaced by amber it might introduce an element of caution and dispel the aggravating sense of entitlement. The cost would probably be small. Worth a try? Clerk to write to Powys County Council about changing the green dot to amber. There was previous discussion about the merits of putting another sign closer to the bridge on the Llangynidr side. Why has this not been done? Is anything due to happen? Clerk to ask Powys County Council.
The trees on the Duke of Beaufort's land between the path and the river are said to be overgrown. Clerk to contact the estate managers and get quote from a local tree surgeon.
11. A Councillor has been to see the landowners at Pen Twyn Farm. They have offered to allow access to the 'old' path going between the stone style and opposite the gates to their property. A letter from 2 residents has been received. The letter asserts that the Council should “represent all the residents of Llangynidr whether or not they are landowners”.To that end representative of the parties will be invited to a site meeting. To be discussed and action agreed. A member of the public spoke about the establishment of the 2 paths, saying that they were in existence long before the current owners or the previous owners of the farm. The resident stated that other residents (more than 40) and herself do not want to compromise on their application for 2 rights of way on the definitive map. To that end it seemed pointless to attend a meeting designed to reach a compromise. They are optimistic of the result. The Community Council has remained neutral in light of official information currently available while the Chairman of the Rights of Way Committee has attended to the matter at some length in a manner consistent with the present situation. There was an issue about contacting him via phone message.
12. A recent risk assessment indicates that the deep cleaning of the public toilets should take place every day, this is likely to double the cost of cleaning to £280/month. To be discussed and action agreed. Clerk to amend the donations sign to ask for donations due to the costs of cleaning during the covid pandemic and to increase the cleaning contract to £280.00. Approved.
13. A resident has emailed the Community Council to draw attention to Community Fibre Broadband with open reach which could be helpful to villagers. A councillor stated that the onward cable from the Forge Road box is in a state. The resident is to be asked to come to a meeting to explain the opportunity. Clerk to arrange.
14. The recent good weather has resulted in many vehicles being parked on forge Road so that the occupants can gain access to the riverbank. This is a dangerous practice because it reduces the width of this busy road as well as stopping some residents from being able to drive from their homes. To be discussed and action agreed. The car park sign is not sufficient. Clerk to ask Powys County Council to put up a sign (in Forge Road) to the car park and the recycling facility (in Cwm Crawnon Road) and double yellow lines between the phone box to the brow of the hill on Forge Road.
Although this might simply dislodge the problem to Blaen-y-Myarth and/or Erw Bant. The speed of traffic on that stretch is also a concern. Is there a longer term solution? Clerk to ask Powys County Council.
15. A local business man wishes to sell his pizzas in the car park on Fridays with the permission of the Community Council. To be discussed and action agreed. The proposal was approved. The businessman to be told that a contribution will expected at the end of the season and that the car park needs to be kept clean. Clerk to inform the businessman.
16. It has been proposed that the Community Council holds another litter pick before winter. To be discussed and date, if any, agreed. Council approved the litter pick to take place on Saturday 17th October 10.45am. Clerk to advertise the litter pick.
17. Remembrance Sunday at St Edmunds Church will be for invitees only, Would the Community Council like to send a representative? The Chairperson will represent Llangynidr Community Council at the service. DM will represent the Community Council at the Llangynidr service. Clerk to liaise.
18. A recent increase in the number of motorbikes in and around Llangynidr has highlighted their noise and intrusiveness. To be discussed. Clerk to write to the Police Commissioner to complain about the motorbikes nuisance, particularly the lack of proper silencers. There is a suspicion that the drivers want to avoid the well-monitored areas of A40, Cwmdu and Talgarth. Councillors were also concerned that the Heads of the Valleys will be closed in October and the problem may be worsened.
19. Update on the state of Cyffredyn Lane and associated drainage issues. RH is looking in to the situation.
20. Retrospective planning is a problem for The Vale of Grwyney Community Council, is it a problem for Llangynidr Community Council? No, there has been one incident recently – not a problem. Clerk to respond to Vale of Grwyney Community Council query.
21. The hedges in the car park (inside and outside) need trimming. To be discussed and action agreed. Chairperson and Clerk authorised the action when the hedge trimming team became available. Approved.
22. Update on a site meeting between Powys County Council and the Community Council about the Nant Glaisfer. A site meeting had taken place for Councillors and Powys County Council (RH and a water course expert)
to see the damage done by Storm Dennis etc last spring. The water course expert is to write a report for circulation. A resident reported that the Nant Glaisfer had been fuller than ever and had scoured a wider path, the rain also induced a landslide on her property. She indicated that she would be calling the water course expert soon.
23.The car park hedge needs trimming inside and outside. To be discussed and action agreed. Duplicate item see 21.
24.The missing car park gate has now been mended by a local craftsman. The post holes and posts are needed to complete the work. To be discussed and action agreed. Two square posts and holes are required to re-fit the gate. Clerk to establish a price for the materials and ask a local tradesman if he would fit the gate.
25. There is a pot hole by the bin opposite the village hall, to be discussed and action agreed. Clerk to report this small and deep pot hole to Powys County Council with a photograph.
26. A councillor has not attended meetings for some time, does council accept his reasons? Yes, his absence can be extended by 3 months.
27.Reports from meetings attended:
Glaisfer meeting – already reported at item 22.
Traffic Calming, six speeders were identified in ¾ of an hour. A mobile sign is needed (showing the speed of the vehicle) for the village.
28. Any agenda items for the next meeting from Councillors:
The wall in Persondy field needs attention.
Garden waste is being tipped into the Glaisfer, at a greater rate now that the large green waste collectors have gone.
There are hedge cuttings on the road at the top of Forge Road.
The Community Council wishes to establish the ownership of the wash lanes, this information may enable further protective action.
The Chairperson closed the meeting at 10.19pm, there being no further business.
Date of next meeting: 27th October 2020
Signed by the Chair