Minutes of a Council Meeting held via electronic media on Tuesday 19th January 2021 at 7.30pm. Public participation. None Present: Mr Mark Brian (Chair), Mrs Margaret Price, Mr David Mantle, Mrs Elizabeth Gibbs, Mr Alan James, Mr Gene Taylor and Mr Paul Lindoewood. In attendance: S.Dale (Clerk). County Councillor Rosemarie Harris and a member of the public who is a councillor's helper. 1. Apologies: Mr David Filsell and Mr David Williams 2. Declaration of interest in items of business listed below: MP, EG and DM declared an interest in Item 8 Pantllwyd reconsulted Planning Application. MP declared an interest in item 12 village hall contribution. 3. Signing of the minutes; 24th November 2020: Approved, proposed AJ and seconded DM. 12th January 2021: Approved, proposed AJ and seconded DM. 4. Correspondence: Clerks and Councils Direct. 5. Clerk's Report. Clerk's activities are reflected in the agenda. 6. Finances a) The bank account reconciles with the accounts package. Appoved b) Cheques approved in January 2020. Approved

Cleaning the car park (Dec) £40.00

Clerk’s wages and stationery allowance (Dec so) £356.19

Cleaning the public conveniences (Dec) £280.00

Audit Wales £273.75

Water for the public toilet £331.00

Grass Cutting £675.00

Dial-A-Ride. £100.00

Llangynidr Agricultural Show Society £100.00

Llangynidr Celebration and Jubilee Committee. £100.00

Brecon Advice Centre £50.00

Wales Air Ambulence  £50.00

Crickhowell Volunteer Bureau £100.00

Car Park Gate fix (see item 11) £245.00

 c) Cheques approved in November 2020.

Cleaning the car park (Nov)

Cleaning the car park (Dec)

Clerk’s wages and stationery allowance (Dec so)

Cleaning the public conveniences (Nov)

Clerk’s wages and stationery allowance (Oct so)

Cleaning the public conveniences (Dec)

Insurance – Zurich Municipal £399.55

Electricity for the public toilets £15.03

Website Purple and Green Ltd £1146.00

7. County Councillors's Report. Highways – pot holes are in the queue to be done. The lane by Ffrwd is to be cleaned every year, a sign “road closed” is to be deployed to stop lorries trying to use it. Vaccine roll out – in Powys there are three centres under the Public Health Board. The County Council is helping with staff and admin. G.P.s surgeries are to be utilised in the vaccination effort. RH wanted to emphasise how important it is to wait for your appointment. The budget has been drawn up. Powys was the 8th of 22 councils this time. This may be due to a Rural Cost Analysis showing the statistical basis for services being more expensive than more other settings. Schools are to be reduced by about 5 – Llanbedr is up for consultation. Any news on Talgarth Road (Pengenffordd Road) ? RH offered GT a written report on it's status. Grants are available for electric chargers – businesses will be interested, e.g. The Coach and Horses! The Community Council is pleased to see the buses still running. RH explained that there is an annual debate about the buses continuing. An application form for a grant may be available soon – the fund is small and has been held in case of need. The public toilets and in the recreation ground, the play equipment. RH will keep working on funding availability for tree management.

8. Planning Applications: 20/19414/FUL Saladin House. New garage. No objections.

20/19222/FUL Pantllwyd. Holiday lets from former barns. MP, DM and EG declared an interest and withdrew from the discussion. Access concerns have been answered by the new proposed route. No objections.

9. 20/19331/FUL, Tyle. New driveway access. No objections.

10. To confirm the precept for 2021-22 at £18000. Confirmed.

11. To consider a quote for the re-hanging the car park gate. Adjourned- more quotes are needed.

12. To consider the village hall contribution for the next budget 2022-23. MP declared an interest. Councillors would like to see the agreement made when the hall was new, between the village hall trust and the community council. MP spoke about all the hard work put in by the village hall committee over many years to build up their reserves. These reserves are for Village Hall Trust use to pursue it's objectives. The ownership issue emerged in 2019, the hall is the biggest asset the community has. The issue needs to be resolved before the contribution can be settled next year (January 2022). Powys County Council has also contributed to the hall and recreation ground. Amongst the help that has been given to purchase; a sound system; tennis courts; kitchen; playground equipment. An indoor face-to-face meeting needs to be arranged after the Covid pandemic but before the next budget ie January 2022. The community council must register the land.

13. To consider an appeal from CRiC for financial support. The community council regretted that it is unable to make a contribution currently. However, clerk to encourage their application next year.

14. Consideration of the fibre broadband options for the village. Posters for homes will be delivered: EG will deliver to Cyffredin Lane MP will deliver to Groesffordd MB will deliver to top village SD will deliver to the remainder.

15. Tree management update and consideration of the quotes for the river walk. Council chose a contractor based upon the quote and it's price. All contractors to be informed. GT to liaise with the winning contractor.

16. Reserve risk analysis for approval. Approved.

17. To discuss the amalgamation with Llangattock at the next local elections. The amalgamation is at County level: the community councils will not be affected by this. However there have been calls to change the current community council arrangements but they appear to be on the back burner. The amalgamation of Llangattock and Llangynidr will reduce the number of councillors by one, it is reported that the WG would prefer assembly members to county councillors. It is also said that county councillors do the work!

18. To review the bank mandate and recruit new signatories. GT and MB volunteered, approved.

19. To approve planning training for a councillor £30.00. Approved, clerk to arrange.

20. Dog fouling – there is an increasing mess around the village, to be discussed and action agreed. Clerk to make signs to put in the problem areas eg by the big sycamore.

21. Update on the local vaccine roll out. See item 7.

22. To consider a request to put British Gas payments (electricity for the toilets) on to direct debit. Approved.

23. Reports from meetings attended. None.

24. Any agenda items for the next meeting. Walls and boundaries of Persondy Field. RH update on Mill Road. Electricity Board land near the Red Lion is home to a large Sycamore, this tree may need management. The Chairperson closed the meeting at 9.28pm, there being no further business.

Date of next meeting: Tuesday 23rd February 2021.

Signed by the Chair