Minutes of a Council Meeting held via electronic media on Tuesday 23rd February 2021 at 7.30pm.

Public participation. Mr Trevor Mosedale of Beacons Telecom and Mr Reece Simmons, Rural Community Broadband Officer for Powys County Council.

The Broadband initiative is run by the Welsh Government Department of Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS). The idea is that vouchers are issued to pay towards the costs of connecting rural communities to much faster Broadband. Potential suppliers can setup projects in areas, and then collect vouchers for/from residents from the DCMS. The scheme considers projects to encompass a postcode. Some of our postcodes have already had projects completed by the supplier Openreach, though these may not have covered all premises in the postcode. Residents have to apply to a supplier who has a project covering their area, and that supplier applies to the Welsh Government for a voucher, on behalf of the resident.

Our research show that there while Openreach has run projects in Llangynidr, the only supplier currently looking to run more projects here is Beacons Telecom Ltd.

Trevor Mosedale of Beacons Telecom and Reece Simmons, Rural Community Broadband Officer of Powys County Council were invited to the meeting and presented. Trevor described the journey his company has taken to reach this point from its' inceptions in 2006 to now.  Beacons Telecom are one of the biggest suppliers in Wales and has projects in Monmouthshire, Caernarfonshire, Ceredigion, Maes Gwartha and Crickhowell up to the Kestrel on the A40.  From there Llangynidr is within reach and is planned for 2-3months time.

The vouchers, for connection, are worth up to £3000 for a domestic residence and up to £7000 for a business with the Welsh Government top-ups.  This goes to the supplier and pays for connection.   The sum is collected by the supplier they can use any remaining funds to help pay for connecting the more distant addresses.  To make the most of the funding for the Llangynidr, Beacons Telecom have spilt Llangynidr into 3 projects in different areas. Roughly these align with Upper Llangynidr, Lower Llangynidr and the Crawnon (Cwm and Dyffryn). The scheme ends on 31st March 21 so it would be good to get applications in before the 14th (as it can take some time and DCMS emails sometimes go “missing” in spam.

If you want to apply for the vouchers Beacons Telecon have a website ( www.beaconstelecom.com ) where you can apply. They recommend that you apply as soon as possible, but certainly before the 14th March. Trevor wanted to underly the importance of looking in spam folders where DCMS correspondence sometimes lodge by accident.  

Trevor stated that residents are free to go anywhere for their broadband.

A resident drew attention to Openreach, the wholly owned BT subsiduary. The resident felt that their actions should be open to scrutiny by the Welsh Government.  He was assured that they are indeed.  Further more as this resident lives in post code NP8 1NQ, he was assured by Trevor that it should be possible to connect his property. 

A resident asked if a new fibre connection would be in addition to the old connection, Trevor answered, yes it would.


Mr Grant Barlow updated the meeting on Mill Road. In November a large wagon took a short cut down Mill Road damaging 2 stone walls. The lane was closed at the request of the Police. The contractor will start soon but walls are in a dangerous state now. This fact needs to be communicated to Powys County Council so that an emergency closure of the road can take place. SD to pass the information on to RH.

Present: Mr Mark Brian (Chair), Mrs Margaret Price, Mr David Mantle, Mrs Elizabeth Gibbs, Mr Alan James, Mr Gene Taylor, Mr David Filsell and Mr Paul Lindoewood (Mr P Lindoewood and Mr D Filsell both had difficulites with the electronic media Zoom).

In attendance: S.Dale (Clerk). A member of the public who is a councillor's helper. 10 members of the public.

1.Apologies: Mr David Williams

2.Declaration of interest in items of business listed below: MP, EG and DM declared an interest in Item 8 Pantllwyd reconsulted Planning Application.

3.Signing of the minutes;

24th November 2020 (Human Resources Committee): Approved, proposed AJ and seconded MB.
th January 2021: Approved, proposed EG and seconded AJ.

4.Correspondence: Homestart leaflet - circulate

Powys Teaching Health Board Updates - circulate.

5.Clerk's Report.

A resident has 3 issues concerned with Rights of Way. This has been passed on to the Chairman of the Rights of Way Committee and will be completed at the next meeting: Pen-isha-coed is a permissive path and can be closed by the landowner at any time. The status of the path at Yscubor Camlais need clarifying. The Canal and River Trust picnic hedge area near the canal boat business has been strimmed, cutting back trees planted by the WI.


a)The bank account reconciles with the accounts package and the budget vs actuals analysis was noted. Approved

b)Cheques to be approved in February 2020. Approved


Cleaning the car park (Feb) £40.00

  1. Clerk’s wages and SA (Feb so) £471.00
    Cleaning the public conveniences (Feb) £280.00

    Car park gate fix £245.00

    S Dale (electricity for the public toilets) £16.73

    Planning Aid Wales (training) £30.00

    Unblocking the inspection chamber at the public

    1. toilets £80.00

  2. Cheques approved in January 2021.

    Cleaning the car park (Jan) £40.00
    Clerk’s wages and S.A. (Dec so) £356.19

    Clerk’s wages and S.A. (Jan so ) £471.00
    Cleaning the public conveniences (Jan) £280.00

    Audit Wales £273.75

    Water for the toilets £331.00

    Grass cutting £675.00

    Dial-a-ride £100.00

    Llangynidr Agricultural Show Society £100.00

    Llangynidr Celebration and Jubilee Comm. £100.00

    Brecon Advice Centre £50.00

    Wales Air Ambulance £50.00






7.County Councillors's Report.

8.Planning Applications:

20/19222/FUL Pantllwyd. Holiday lets from former barns.

MP, DM and EG declared an interest and withdrew from the discussion.
Access concerns about the re-issued access plan led council to re-issue the comment of November 24
th 2020:
Two objections arose in Council’s discussion; the first is to the proposed use of private resident’s driveways as passing places for barn traffic on the way to Llangynidr village. Notwithstanding, Glaisfer Road is very narrow at it’s northern end and it is difficult for drivers to reverse. The second is to the proposed use of the Beaufort road access (by the barn traffic), which is a very dangerous access. It seems unlikely that this access could be widened as both sides are privately owned. 
A resident (who lives on Glaisfer Road) was concerned about the proposed use of private resident’s driveways as passing places.  

21/19564/FUL Nythfa – replacement dwelling.

The site of the proposed dwelling was discussed, one council member was against having a 2 storey building there, feeling that it would be visible from a long way off and out of keeping with the rural location.   Other council members felt that nearby properties were more dominating.
The garden has been obliterated so it is difficult to determine if the intention is to increase the size of the garden into the field.  The Community Council feels that this would detract from the rural nature of the site and should not happen.  The stone to face the proposed building should be sourced locally and reputably and not detract from the stone walls and buildings in the locale.
With these two exceptions, there were no objections.

9.To thank a recently reired community councillor for his long and diligent service. Council formally thanks the retired Community Councillor George Moretta for his service. Clerk to draft a formal letter of thanks for his service and circulate it for additional comment.

10.Persondy Field walls and boundary trees require assessment with a view to securing the boundaries. To be discussed and action agreed. DM and BM together with the licencee another local person who know Persondy Field well, will survey the boundaries (which consist of walls, trees and hedges).

11.To allow the Clerk to respond to the land registry survey of unregistered land by 26th February 2021. Approved.

12.To approve the precept at £20000 to allow an application for a match funded grant. Approved, also to apply for other grants for which Council may be eligible, eg Lottery.

13.To approve the application for a match funded grant of £5000 (if successful the grant would enable a refurbishment of the public toilets). This application was unsuccessful. See also item 22.

14.To consider giving permission to the NHS to use the riverbank for training, they have provided their insurance certificate and have permission from the fishery (glan-yr-afon beat) in mid to late March. Approved, however the trees need work which is planned , and the path will be closed, at about the same period. The NHS party will need to be aware of these facts and knowing the circumstances consider the risks.

15.The Community Council's trees require monitoring every year to comply with the insurance. Trees on the river path have been monitored and a contract let to manage the trees which constitute a threat to health and safety. A SSSI consent has been granted to manage the trees on the river walk by Natural Resources Wales (NRW) and we have Brecon Beacons National Park Authority (BBNPA) permission to close the path until it is safe again. The remaining trees still need monitoring. To be discussed and action agreed. Adjourned til the March meeting.

16.Broadband, some 90 residents and addresses are on the list of interest parties and about 75% of those are eligible for government vouchers. The remainder are a mixture of properties with potential for openreach connections and properties not yet part of a suppliers plan. See public participation.

17.A freedom of information request has come in the response is required by 8th March. AJ volunteered to check the results of the request for accuracy.

18.A request from the Independent Remuneration Panel for councils to participate in a review of the renumeration of town and community councils. The deadline to volunteer is 1/3/2021. Approved.

19.The Llangynidr History Society have reported on the wash lanes and the attempt to register the wash lanes in the name of the community council has not succeeded. To be discussed and action agreed. Council were delighted with the results and wish to plan the next steps. Brecon Beacons National Park Authority (BBNPA) and CADW may be able to help. EG agreed to contact the BBNPA. Clerk to contact CADW. An article in “Contact” may encourage contributions and help to protect the remaining lanes, by raising awareness. A noticeboard was considerd to relate the results of the dig in Persondy Field some time ago. Councillors also want to consider how money can be made out of the toilets and the car park over the next 3 to 5 years. DF, EG, SD

20.A resident has complained about his moblie phone signal and asks if the community council can help. Councillors recommend trying different service providers. Clerk to commuicate with the resident.

21.Llangattock Litterpickers, who pick up litter through Llangynidr, need a replacement van for their activities. They have also appealed to the other councils whose areas they are active in. It was noted that Llangattock Litterpickers clean through Llangynidr and on to Talybont, they also clean the mountain road. Council were happy to support them £100.

22.The public toilets in Llangynidr are not going to be refurbished as early as hoped. Perhaps now is the time to consider what the long term aims of a refurbishment should be and perhaps obtaining quotes to fit the long term aims of the council. See item 13.

23.A resident has informed the Community Council of the success of the tennis club: the club leader is to lead the over 60s in the 4 nations cup and the club has been put forward for tennis wales club of the year. Council is very pleased for the club and wish them success for the future.

24.To consider quotes for re-hanging the car park gate. The quote for £245 was approved, all agreed. Clerk to inform the parties concerned.

25.To consider the village hall contribution for next budget 2022-23. Adjourn for 2 months, to the April meeting

26.Update on Mill Road. See public participation.

27.The electricity board own the land near the Red Lion. There is a large Sycamore on the land which may need attention. The electricity board have been informed.

28.A resident has complained about the the speed of traffic on the stretch of Cwm Crawnon Road between the junction with Forge Road and the Coach and Horses. To be discussed and action agreed. That section of Cwm Crawnon Road is considered too narrow for a pavement. Possibly extra signage showing that pedestrians use the road – Clerk to enquire of Powys County Council. Could the Police patrol there ? Clerk to enquire of the PCSO.

29.Reports from meetings attended. EG attended an online Planning Aid Wales Course, which was excellent. To be reported next meeting.

30. Any agenda items for the next meeting. Fly tipping survey, discuss a response. Councillor vacancy. Kiosks.

Date of next meeting: Tuesday, 30th March 2021