Minutes of a Council Hybrid Meeting held in Llangynidr Hall and via electronic media on Tuesday 22nd February 2022 at 7.30pm.

Public participation. None

Present: Mr Mark Brian (Chairperson), Mr Alan James, Mr David Williams, Mrs Elizabeth Gibbs, Mr David Mantle, Mrs Margaret Price, Mr Paul Lindoewood.

In attendance: County Councillor Rosemarie Harris, S.Dale (Clerk).

1. Apologies: JD

2. Declaration of interest in items of business listed below: None

3. Signing of the minutes;

18th January 2022: Approved, proposed DW seconded MP.

1st February 2022: Approved, proposed DW and seconded EG.

4. Correspondence:

a) Appeal for assistance from Welsh Air Ambulance. £100 approved.

b) Nature and you – a national conversation NRW – circulated. Noted that the phosphates issue is said not have been well led by NRW.


5. Clerk’s Report

The Boundary Commission are holding their second consultation which offers the opportunity to comment on their parliamentary constituencies. They are to be held 23rd February- Wrexham, 1st March – Swansea, 9th March – Bangor and 30th March – Aberystwyth.

Income from: Capt. Brown Pizzas £100, Wayleaves £51.24, Recycling £70.88, PublicToilet Grant £1886.

There is a Community Health Council meeting 1/3/22 at 9.30am. We have been told that this is the forum to raise the issue of ambulance response times. The link will be circulated.

Road Closure in Llangattock from Plas to Beaufort Road (Llangattock side). 21st to the 25th February.

Advert of the Young Persons Award has been agreed with “Contact”.

The Eisteddfod is appealing for support, can be put on the next agenda is wished to be debated.

A young man, whose Great grandfather – Mr Morgan lived in Llangynidr, he would like to trace his family. It was suggested that one of the Councillors could see if the Historical Society could help.

If councillors want a paper form to be a community council candidate please let the clerk know – otherwise they will have to have an electronic one. An advert to encourage candidates will be drafted and put on the noticeboard & website and the clerk will ask the school to circulate to parents, also in “Contact”.

The business case for the extension to the bus service is developing, it is amongst other things, waiting for the response from Powys County Council about the idea.


6. Finance:

a) Statement of accounts and bank reconciliation for January 2022.

b) Cheques approved in February 2022.

Cleaning the car park (Feb) £40.00

Clerk’s wages and stationery allowance (Feb so) £471.00

Clerk’s wages and stationery allowance (Mar so) £471.00

Cleaning the public conveniences (Feb) £280.00

Village Hall Charge £30.001

British Gas (elec.) £25.001

Rodding the drains £75.00

c) Cheques approved in January 2022.

Cleaning the car park (Jan) £40.00

Clerk’s wages and stationery allowance (Dec so) £471.00

Clerk’s wages and stationery allowance (Jan so) £471.00

Cleaning the public conveniences (Jan) £280.00 Grass cutting £675.00

Viking Toilet Supplies £53.74

Dial-a-ride £100.00

Llangynidr Agricultural Show Society £100.00

Llangynidr Celebration and Jubilee Committee £100.00

Brecon Advice Centre £50.00

Wales Air Ambulance £50.00

Crickhowell Volunteer Bureau (defibrillator) £100.00

Village Hall Charge (£21/meeting) £63.00

7. Report from the County Councillor. There is a consultation about school admissions and transport in Powys. It has, amongst other things, identified that some parents in Bwlch would support a move to Llangorse Primary for their children. Other parents are as yet unaware of the issue. Crossing Llangynidr Bridge is a problem for parents. RH to monitor. The schools transformation process is also underway. Llanbedr Primary School, which has 60% of its pupils from outside the catchment area, is due to close. Llangynidr Primary has pupils from as far away as Pencelli. RH will monitor.

It is budget time there is likely to be a 3.9% increase in council tax, possibly a little less. There will be a £150 payment for Band D and below properties from UK government.

Second homes will be taxed at 75% of Council Tax in Powys. 100% was considered but rejected. This money is to go towards affordable homes. Sites should be considered for this purpose to be ready for when development is allowed.

The village hall conducted a residents survey recently. This survey found that a walking track around the perimeter of the recreation ground is one of the changes the residents would like to improve facilities. RH is considering if a renewal project including the public toilets may attract funding.

8. Planning Applications: 21/20667/FUL 3 Dol-Fach. Mostly internal changes to help accessibility of roof space. No objections.

9. The car park and toilets could be better utilised. Signs detailing the use of the car park (including motor homes) and guidance for donations have been drafted and circulated for approval. Donation boxes for the public toilets and car park need to be approved. Donation Boxes and signs are approved. MB volunteered to empty the boxes.

10. Powys County Council have granted £1886.00 to the Community to spend on the toilets, this could be on refurbishment. Items that have been previously approved include renewing the toilets, hand basins and taps, cleaning the roof and replacing a ridge tile, fixing the lights, and re-painting. Council decided to prioritise the electrics and the roof.

And to ask for a sensor to control the lights, except for the outdoor light which should be on permanently. Other issues will have to be deferred.

11. The public toilets have been cleaned every day through the pandemic. This represents a considerable effort on the part of our contractor, is it time to reduce the number of cleans to 5 per week? Approved.

12. Reserves analysis has been updated and is offered for approval. Approved.

13. Brecon Beacons National Park Authority has created a document called “Future Beacons”. Council is invited to comment on it by 4/3/2022. It has been circulated. The document is very good, but there are gaps between what they hope to do and what they can practically do. Also some contradictory aims.

Place planning is important and needs a lot of support form BBNPA. The Llangynidr place plan started before the pandemic needs to be revived – the councillors could comment on that aspect of the “Future Beacons” plan.

14. To consider the village hall contribution for next budget 2023-24. Adjourned.

15. The consultation on second homes taxation closes tonight (22/2/2022). The document has been circulated to all. Council approved the One Voice Wales response to the consultation.

16. Letting the tree management contract. The report on the trees under the council's care (except for the trees along the river path which were considered last financial year) has been used to solicit tenders. These to be considered and one selected at this meeting. Efforts have been made to gain 3 quotes but only one contractor responded (£950). Council approved the quote, noting that the work needs to be complete before the end of February.

17. Powys Car Parking review, update. No new information yet.

18. A sign forbidding overnight stays in the car park for motor homes and camper vans has been drafted and is offered for approval. Approved.

19. Electoral Services ask that if you require a paper form to participate in the elections, as a community councillor candidate please let the clerk know soon. Otherwise it will be assumed that you will have an electronic form. DW asked for a paper form.

20. Persondy field boundary way requires maintenance in places, although the tenant has done a very good job of dealing with the worst of the problem. It is suggested that the work be done after the current contract has expired (31/3/2022). The most work is on the Dyffryn Road boundary, perhaps a third of its length (in patches), but the Mardy Lane side requires dry stone walling near the gate. At a rough estimate the work could take 2 weeks. Local stone to hand, from that lying on the field, is to be used. Councillors made suggestions; a firm in Talgarth who made the stone sign may be interested in quoting, another firm who have worked locally were suggested. Clerk to find out.

21. The grass cutting contract is to be published and tenders considered on 29/3/2022.

22. “Contact” has asked if the Community Council will sponsor an edition of the newsletter (£150). They have lost many sponsors over the covid pandemic. To be discussed and action agreed. Approved - “Contact” support the whole community and the community council wishes to support it at need.

23. That this Council fully supports Crickhowell Town Council to lead a campaign to persuade the Welsh Government to urgently review the safety of the A40 between Crickhowell Square and Llanbedr Road in the light of proposed development of the former Conservative Club site. Approved.

24. Mardy Lane and Orchard Lane both have significant pot holes close to their entrances. These pot holes have been reported to Powys County Council – along with others.

25. Reports from meetings attended. High School Governors, Primary School Governors and the Jubilee Committee meet before the next meeting on the 29th March 2022.

26. Any agenda items for the next meeting: Support for the National Eisteddfod and the Urdd. Car parking and traffic management in Llangynidr.


Chairman closed the meeting at 9.40pm.

Date of next meeting:

Tuesday, 29th March 2022 – Full meeting