Minutes of a Council Hybrid Meeting held in Llangynidr Hall and via electronic media on Tuesday 17th May 2022 at 7.30pm.

Present: Mr Mark Brian (Chairperson), Mr David Williams, Mr David Mantle, Mr Gene Taylor, Mr David Filsell, Mrs Jane Dawkins, Mrs Lisa Spencer-Weiss and Mrs Jan Sharpless.

In attendance: County Councillor Jackie Charlton, S.Dale (Clerk) and 2 members of the public.

Public participation.


  1. To elect a Chairperson of the Council.

MB: proposer; DW. Seconder; GT. Elected unanimously.

  1. To receive the Chairperson's declaration of office.

  2. To elect a Vice-Chairperson of the council and all Councillors to sign the declaration of acceptance of office.

DW: proposer; GT, seconder; DM.

  1. To consider the applications of candidates for co-option to the council and appoint 2.

Loretta Maddox was unanimously co-opted to the council. Proposer; GT. Seconder; JD.

Harry Duff was unanimously co-opted to the council. Proposer; DM. Seconder; JS.

  1. To appoint representative to the following outside bodies:

    1. Llangynidr Village Hall Trustee. JS – DM, proposer and GT, seconder.

    2. Primary School Governor. LM – GT, proposer and DW, seconder.

    3. Burial Ground Trustees. 2 trustees were elected; JD and DM, both were proposed by DW and seconded by GT.

    4. One Voice Wales Representative HD. Proposed by JD and seconded by GT.

    5. Powys Community Health Committee Liaison. DF. Proposed by GT and seconded by DM.

  2. To appoint committees and their Chairperson:

    1. Finance (3) HD – Chairperson, GT and JD, all agreed.

    2. Planning(3) DM, GT and JS, all agreed.

    3. Rights of way(3) DM, DW and LS, all agreed.

    4. Human Resources (3) (meeting due June 22) LS, GT and DM all agreed.

  3. Apologies: None

  4. Declaration of interest in items of business listed below: None

  5. Signing of the minutes;

29th April 2022: Approved, DW proposed and GT seconded. MP to sign.

  1. Correspondence: Listed on the agenda.


  1. Clerk’s Report

Income: £45.05 donations (car park and toilets).
A litter pick was held on the 30
th April, 19 volunteers picked 3 and a half large bags of litter and one full bag of recyclables. We nearly ran out of litter picking equipment there were so many volunteers.
The 20-21 audit was returned – an unqualified opinion – very pleased.
There is now a map of dog waste bins in the village on the noticeboard.
The audit for 2021-22 is prepared, just needs the internal auditor's report and the council approval on 28
th June 2022. Please have a look.
Ann Gerrish the clerk to Powys Community Health Council (ann.gerrish@wales.nhs.uk) invites feedback from our residents, especially items relating to specific incidents.
Human Resources meeting 7.00pm June 28
th this year, immediately before the council meeting, at 7.30pm. Job description and rating form will be circulated soon.

  1. Finance:

    1. Bank reconciliation for year end and current account reconciliation for April. Approved

    2. Cheques approved in May 2022.
      Limeface banner used at the open day £35.00
      Cleaning the car park (May) £40.00
      Cleaning the public toilets (May) £280.00
      Clerks wage & stationery allowance £478.60 (so)
      Flowerbed and path contract (May) £60.00
      British Gas (elec. for the toilets) £20.00
      Llangynidr Village Hall Charity £105.00

    3. Cheques approved in April 2022.
      Cleaning the car park (Apr) £40.00
      Clerk’s wages and stationery allowance (May so) £478.60
      Clerk's back dated pay rise for 21-22 £91.20
      Cleaning the public conveniences (Apr) £280.00
      British gas (elec. for the public toilets) £20.00
      Flowerbed & path contract(Apr) £60.00
      Toilet supplies (Viking) £77.98

  2. Report from the County Councillor - May 22

a) Monthly Newsletter and County Councillor Surgery I will be providing the village with a monthly newsletter which can be put on notice boards and on Facebook. During the last 5 years this has worked well in Llangattock and I hope it will in Llangynidr too. Llangynidr also has an active and well read Newsletter. I will be providing a piece for this month thanking Rosemarie Harris for her many years of service to this community. I hope there will be a regular update in future. Thoughts and suggestions would be most welcome about where to hold the County Councillor Surgery.

b) Speed Watch Volunteers – There are 5 volunteers registered and STILL waiting to be trained in Llangattock. Now the elections are over I shall pursue further. All the necessary paperwork has been completed it is just a case of setting up the training event. Dyfed Powys Police will need to do a Risk Assessment for Llangynidr to agree the safest place to carry out the Speed-watch and Llangattock volunteers will be able to do this in Llangynidr.

c) The Bridge – This came up regularly as I went round and talked to residents. I am arranging to meet with Tony Caine and James Evans MS to get some background from their perspective and feedback some of the concerns raised with me on the doorsteps and subsequent emails from residents. I don’t have any answers but do need to get the history and where we are at now. I am hoping once a date is fixed that the Chair of the Community Council and any other Councillors can accompany us at that site visit/meeting. I realise you have all been here before but some of the concerns relate to the impact of the Green Man. I have received assurances that marshalling will be in place but would like more information. Any thoughts would be most welcome.

d) Safe and Active Travel Plan –This came up on the doorsteps in Llangynidr and is still an issue in Llangattock. There is a plan to engage further with Powys to look at the potential to overcome some of the concerns in respect to road safety and speeding in the village in the first instance.

e) Mardy Lane kerb clearance – Am awaiting confirmation for clearing the kerb on Mardy Lane where there is a build up of silt and weed growth which impacts the drains in heavy raining causing water damage to a property there. It has been in the work programme and due to the need of a small digger to do the clearance as the normal lorry is too wide to get up the lane there have been delays. I have been assured it will be done but it hasn’t happened yet. Am on the case again this week.

f) Community Transport Plan –There has been a lot of interest in the idea of a local community transport plan and it forms part of the Mobility and Transport Strategy which is being consulted on as part of the Powys Red Kite Climate Emergency strategy. I have already fed back the issues in relation to bus and rail links with Abergavenny. Active Travel plays a big part in getting people out of cars as well links to the 20 minute community. Abergavenny is around 20 minutes away by car, this links very nicely. More to come on this.

g) Emergency Planning – Llangattock CC are being given a presentation by Andrew Twigger, the Emergency Planning Officer and I have suggested that Llangynidr Community Council could be invited to the presentation when it has been confirmed. This relates to flooding which is still an issue in Llangattock but it will also outline what happens in other emergency situations such as a plane crash, multiple accidents on trunk roads and other major hazards or threats.

h) Community Hall – I met with Mark Brain to chat about issues in the community. The Community Hall came up as a discussion point and Mark has provided me with the paper which outlines the issues and background which I found very useful. There are some similarities with Llangattock and if I can be of any help, will be happy to liaise.

i) County Council Update – There will be a joint partnership agreement to run the administration in Powys. Negotiations are ongoing and will emerge at the County Council AGM on 26th May.

Jackie – 16th May 2022


  1. Propose a letter is sent to the organiser of the Green Man Festival drawing attention once again to the effects of the Festival on Llangynidr. Reminding them that it was previously suggested that the council should apply for a charitable grant from them. Request the details of how and when to apply. Many charities have prescribed ways of making an application and make clear what sort of application is eligible and favoured. The Green Man Festival and other developments, underway or being considered, may increase traffic in the area. Many local people avoid the back road on the Monday of the festival. The traffic is a concern especially for the weak bridge at Tal-y-bont. Last year the road signage suggested that Llangynidr is closed during Green Man. Clerk to draft a letter to the owner of the Green Man, with a view to persuading them to contribute to the new track and new toilet block at Llangynidr Village Hall and to review the traffic arrangements for the Festival.

  2. Draw attention to the training available to council members from One Voice Wales, especially to new members. Include help available from Planning Aid Wales. Training by One Voice Wales and Planning Aid Wales is effective and there is budget for it.

  3. Appointment and remit of the internal auditor. The documents are ready in the audit file should anyone wish to read them. G. Mason is appointed as internal auditor.

  4. The place plan is to be one of the subjects discussed in June at the Parish meeting. It is important because if adopted by Brecon Beacons National Park it should reflect the needs, wants and aspirations of the community in planning decisions. Currently our community is classed as a no development area but there are pressures for this to change. Volunteers are needed to fulfil to support this. To be picked up at the Annual Parish Meeting.

  5. A gentleman lives in the car park, this conflicts with the recently adopted regulation that no motorhomes and campers should stay in the car park overnight.

A resident has written to the community council to support his exception to the rule saying that he works locally and cannot afford to pay for accommodation. To be discussed and action agreed. Council agreed that the gentlemen should be asked to leave the car park, Clerk to write and deliver the letter and copy it to the resident.

  1. There have been several suggestions that the car park sign is too small. To be discussed and action agreed. A new and larger sign should be sought, excluding commercial vehicles as well as campers and motorhomes. It was suggested that a meter wide sign should be commissioned and set on posts in the car park.

  2. A computer for the clerk could be arranged using an IT allowance, where the clerk buys a computer for council use and the council pays a monthly amount for the facility. To be discussed and options agreed. Council prefers to buy a computer outright if Llanfrynach Community Council will share the expense.

  3. It has been suggested that the community council buy a variable speed indicator for use around the village. Estimated cost £300 second hand to £2600 new. Adjourned

  4. As the new relationship between the community council and the village hall committee is formed, a question has arisen about potential planning application and their treatment. To be discussed and action agreed. Adjourned

  5. Powys Active Travel has found ways to help communities change resident's opportunities for walking and cycling. A resident has made contact with them and hopes to involve the councillors. To be discussed and action agreed. Adjourned.

  6. A vote of thanks to residents on the top part of Duffryn Road for their tolerance to the additional traffic whilst the Limitless Trails event took place on the early May Bank Holiday weekend. Camping and parking for the runners had been arranged to take place in a local farmers family field and the logistics were very well organised, but there was the occasional pinch point at the top of the village. There were 200+ runners , some had never been to this area before. There were so many positive comments about the village, the area, the welcome and facilities available; some people were going to arrange additional breaks in the area. Their trade was welcomed by local businesses, especially after the pandemic. Approved.

  7. Arrangements for the Annual Parish Meeting for residents; Speakers, agenda (place plan and traffic management?), refreshments, hall set-up, date (Tuesday 14thor Tuesday 21st possibly?). Clerk to invite the County Councillor for Llangattock and Llangynidr to speak at the Annual Parish meeting suggested for the 21st June. The Powys Active Travel people and Powys County Council Highways Department. Also to be invited. The development of a place plan to be on the agenda. JD will deal with the food and DW the bar. LM suggested using chat groups to access a wider section of the village to the Annual Parish meeting.

  8. Reports from meetings attended. None.

  9. Any agenda items for the next meeting: Vote of thanks to Rosemarie Harris/ The switchback bridge on the back road is still not repaired and there are concerns about the Green Man Festival's traffic this year because of the damaged state of the bridge. / Letter to show support for the village halls project to build a walking/jogging track and a new toilet block./ Mill Road has been shut for 2 years, is there anything that can be done to improve the situation?/Meeting dates changes to accommodate the County Councillor, so she can meet in person/ Review the bank mandate.

Chairperson closed the meeting at 10.00pm.

Date of next meeting: Annual Parish Meeting, Monday, 27th June 7pm

Tuesday, 28th June 2022 – Human Resources meeting 7.00pm

Tuesday, 28th June 2022 – meeting 7.30pm




1 For approval only.