Minutes of a Council Hybrid Meeting held in Llangynidr Hall and via electronic media on Tuesday 29th March 2022 at 7.30pm.

Public participation. None

Present: Mr Mark Brian (Chairperson), Mr Alan James, Mr David Williams, Mrs Elizabeth Gibbs, Mr Gene Taylor, Mrs Margaret Price and Mrs Jane Dawkins.

In attendance: County Councillor Rosemarie Harris, S.Dale (Clerk).

  1. Apologies: DF , PL and DM

  2. Declaration of interest in items of business listed below: None

  3. Signing of the minutes;

22nd February 2022: Approved, proposed and seconded .

  1. Correspondence:

    1. Appeal for assistance from a Childrens Cancer Charity. Declined.

    2. Nature and you – a national conversation NRW reissued – circulated.


  1. Clerk’s Report

£52.65 recycling income.

Audit Wales have been in touch, we are to have the new full, detailed audit this year, the following 2 years will be more usual.

Number of electors in Llangynidr was 891 in 2017. The number of electors in the new Llangynidr and Llangattock ward is about 1686 (28/5/2018).

The Llangattock Green Valley and Powys Action Climate Emergency initiative to audit homes with a view to improving their energy efficiency can be found at:


Council tax for the public toilets has been completely rebated (£337.05).

If anyone – councillor or resident - wants nomination papers etc. the deadline is 4pm 5/4/2022 ie next week.

DM and the BBNPA new warden fixed some broken/blocked stiles and liaised with landowners recently.

  1. Finance:

    1. Statement of accounts and bank reconciliation for February 2022. Approved.

    2. Cheques to be approved in March 2022.
      Cleaning the car park (Mar) £40.00
      Clerk’s wages and stationery allowance (Apr so) £471.00
      Cleaning the public conveniences (Mar) £280.00 Brecon Mountain Rescue Team Donation £100.00
      Photocopier support for the school £150.00
      Tree works £950.00
      British gas (elec. for the public toilets) £24.06 “Contact” Sponsorship £150.00
      Wales Air Ambulance £100.00
      Flowerbed & path contract £60.00

    3. Cheques approved in February 2022.
      Cleaning the car park (Feb) £40.00
      Clerk’s wages and stationery allowance (Feb so) £471.00
      Clerk’s wages and stationery allowance (Mar so) £471.00
      Cleaning the public conveniences (Feb) £280.00
      Village Hall Charge £30.00
      British Gas (elec.) £25.001
      Rodding the drains £75.00

  2. Report from the County Councillor. There has not been a catchment review for some time. 2 factors are considered in that process, parental choice and transport to the nearest school. Llangynidr is still an option for parents in Bwlch and is half the distance to Llangorse. Llangorse is still an option for Bwlch parents also but the transport, whilst possibly available, would not be statutory provision. County Councillor Harris has taken advice on the matter.

Ukraine evacuees are being managed by, mainly, the Home Office. There will be 2 welcome centres in Powys, although some Ukrainians have already arrived. Translators are needed, residents with a Polish background have already offered help.

The Wales Ambulance Trust will join the meeting on the 26th April via Teams. RH will help with the Teams connection.

The Dyffryn road has been undermined by the river that flows beside it, so that there are places where the road is over the river.

  1. Planning Applications: 22/20809/FUL 7 Pencommin. No objections.

  2. A donation for Brecon Mountain Rescue Team was approved in the meeting of the 18th January but not minuted. Will council now approve the payment of £100? Approved.

  3. Car parking and traffic review update on the Powys County Council initiative. No feedback yet, RH will follow up.

  4. A plea for traffic calming on the blind brow at Forge Road in strong terms. This is very concerning, however the 20 mile an hour limit will come into force next year. Speed bumps can only be placed away from junctions.

  5. The NALC pay scales for Clerks have been published. They recommend a hourly rate of £10.84 (up from £10.65) effective from 1st April 2021. Approved £91.20 back pay and the appropriate amount to be added to the clerk's salary from April 2022.

  6. The National Eisteddfod and Urdd have appealed for support. To be discussed and action agreed. The Community Council declined the requests, because the events are not local to Llangynidr.

  7. A consultation on school catchments and transport and the impact on parental choice has taken place. Does the community council have any comments on the process for Powys County Council? See item 7.

  8. The school has had to redecorate a room as a sensory space. They have asked for a donation of £100 towards the paint etc. To be discussed and action agreed. The Community Council felt that the school budget should look after this expenditure. GT to liaise.

  9. Business case for extending the bus service update. No information yet although it is said that the localities staff will be able to let applicants know shortly.

  10. Supporting the community use of the photocopier arrangement is no-longer feasible as security at the school has changed. Could the Community Council help with the expenses of Grounds Day, for the same amount of £150? Approved.

  11. Outline of an agreement between the Village Hall Management Committee and the Community Council to be discussed and action agreed. The draft was approved as a basis for discussions. The village hall committee are considering the status of the charity.

  12. The Green Lane Association have sent an email to the Community Council, which has been circulated. The email seeks to distance the Association from off-roaders. Noted.

  13. Powys County Council has requested storage space for a 3 week period from mid-April, they are re-surfacing Cwm Crawnon Road. They need 50m2 for 200 tonnes of chippings. Were permission to be granted it would considerably ease their logistics. To be discussed and action agreed. Approved. RH will liaise. SD to report to the officer.

  14. Set a date for the first litter pick of the year in April, perhaps the 23rd? Saturday 30th April was chosen, 10.45am to 12am meet in the car park.

  15. The Community Council fully supports the unanimous call from the Welsh Government and Senydd for the UK government to improve reception and support for refugees from the War in Ukraine. Approved, there is a choral concert at 6pm on the 10th April, tickets are £10 and are available from participants. The venue is The Plough Chapel in Brecon all proceeds to go to Ukraine Relief.

  16. Grass cutting tenders have been invited. One must be selected. To be discussed and action agreed. The only tender was approved.

  17. Tenders have been invited for the repairs of the walls in Persondy field. To be discussed and action agreed. Clerk to write to contractor tendering for only one element of the work accepting the tender. Clerk to write to the other contractor explaining that further tenders must be sought and presented next month. Clerk to seek more tenders.

  18. The Village Hall is offering organisations around the village a chance to participate in an open day 23rd April 2022. If they wanted to take part Councillors would be needed to talk to the public. JD, DW and EG, offered to participate for some of the time. Clerk to supply a banner at a cost of around £20.00.

  19. Crickhowell Rugby Club ask for written support for a grant to build their new community pavillion. For use by the wider community. Written support is approved.

  20. Approval sought for new running/walking track around the recreation ground. In principle agreed, notwithstanding planning permission.

  21. Reports from meetings attended.

  22. Any agenda items for the next meeting:


Chairman closed the meeting at 9.10pm.

Date of next meeting:

Tuesday, 26th April 2022 – Full meeting




1 See item 9.

1 Approval only

1 Approval only