Present: Mr Mark Brian (Chairperson), Mrs Jane Dawkins, Mr Harry Duff, Mr David Williams, Mr David Mantle and Mr Gene Taylor.

In Attendance: S Dale (Clerk).

Public Participation.

1. Apologies:

DF, JS and LS

2. Declarations of interest:


3. Signing of the minutes:

27th September 2022, proposed: DM, seconded, JD. Approved.

4. 5 Councils' Liaison Meeting – Wednesday 9th November.

Agenda items

- Use of social media in the 5 councils, what’s useful?

- Traffic issues being addressed in preparation for the new 20mph limit September 2023.

- Training, what do other council do?

- Will 40mph roads be considered for the new 20mph limit?

5. A resident has written appealing on behalf of elderly residents who are afraid crossing Cwm Crawnon Road.

The Community Concil is actively looking at measuring and controling speed on Cwm Crawnon Road.

6. The benches were reviewed over the summer. 2 benches were found to be in need of repair/replacement, the picnic bench in the car park also needs repair/replacement.

The one bench can be repaired for about £160, “Trefor and Scamp” bench needs replacing but the people caring for it should be traced. The bench by Tyr Y Wen will be re-painted by a volunteer. Picnic bench in the car park is to be moved and repaired. Approved.

7. Could the Royal Welsh Show be used for the Greenman Festival?

The Community Council prefers to remain neutral.

8. Gilestone Farm, reportedly in the hands of the Greenman Festival, there are concerns that the Talybont bridge is weight resticted and has only one lane.

A logistics/traffic management issue. Llangynidr Community Council will wait for an update fron Talybont Community Council at the appropriate time.

9. The hedge at the top of the recreation ground, near the tennis courts, is overgrown.

All the recreation ground hedges are to be cut by the Village Hall Committee this autumn.

10. A request for dog poo bags to be freely available at bins.

A local town council provides free bags. Council discussed the idea but decided not to approve the action. This is not down to cost.

11. Update on the safety concern at Crickhowell.

The letter agreed between the 5 Councils has been posted to the Minister.

12. The hedge trimming inside the car park and out will cost £300, a local person has been engaged to do it, as it is urgent.


13. Update on Beacons Telecom roll-out progress in Llangynidr.

Vouchers were for 12 months but are extendable by the Welsh Government under the circumstances, withdrawing from the scheme may risk further delays for those that remain. A councillor had been in touch with Beacons Telecom and feels that their promises will come good.

14. There are a number pot holes near Pwll Court on Dyffryn Road.

The pot holes outside Pwll Court on Dyffryn Road have been done.

15. The road margins on Beaufort Road require cutting back for safety.

Llangattock Community Council and Llangynidr Community Council are waiting for this action to be taken. The road margins from Llangattock grid to Llangynidr stock grid need attention.

16. Reports from other meetings attended.

  • From Crickhowell High School it was noted that all students who had applied had achieved their first or second choice at University.

  • The Heads of the primary schools are to meet with Crickhowell High School.

  • The fence issue on Church Close is now with the School for resolution.

17. Any agenda items for the next meeting?


Date of next meeting:Tuesday, 25th October 2022.

There being no further business to discuss the Chairperson closed the meeting at 8.15pm.