Minutes of a Council Meeting held in the Village Hall

on Tuesday 24th January 2023 at 7.30pm.

Present: Mr Mark Brian (Chair), Mr David Williams, Mr David Mantle , Mrs Jane Dawkins, Mrs Janine Sharpless, Mrs Beth Carpenter, Mrs Lisa Spencer-Weiss and Mr Harry Duff.

In attendance: Cllr Jackie Charlton, S.Dale (Clerk) and 1 member of the public.


The Chairman opened the meeting, thanking the Vice-Chairman for stepping in while the Chairman was not available.

1. Report from the County Councillor.

The second Village Conversation was held on Saturday 21st January 2023. About 20 people attended – it was a icy cold day. The results will be reported at the 28th February 23 community council meeting.

The yellow lines results will then be reported to Powys County Council who will return them for a final consultation.

Streetlights are still being looked into, apparently it is not uncommon for them to be missed. The online reporting system may not be working at 100%.

Flooding in the Duffryn Crawnon has caused tarmac to be washed away at a point on the road. It will be concreted by Powys County Council in 2024.

One of the culverts by Pwll Court is collapsing. There are several and precise guidance is needed to identify the right one.

Llanbedr has closed, JC was against the closure. Now it is important to focus on the choices the children have and helping them into a new path. The building itself may be used for educational purposes but that is in the hands of the Church in Wales.

Some 120 responses to the consultation on the catchment area requested staying within Crickhowell.

Bwlch now feeds Llangynidr / Crickhowell schools and Llangors Primary feeds Gwernyfed High School. Free transport is a difficulty.

Powys County Council have told the bus service providers to return to the full time table.

Gilwern medical practice consultation is on going. But it seems likely that the practice will close as there will be staffing difficulties in the near future. There is no direct public transport link between Gilwern and Crickhowell.

Powys County Council has set a 5% budget (3.8% for services and 1.2% for Fire and Rescue).

Winter services (gritting) are to be reviewed next year. It seems likely that less salt on fewer roads will result.

The leader's presentation to the quarterly meeting of PCC and Town and Community Councils. There will be a Town and Community Council conference in Llandrindod Wells on the climate emergency, it's free. Councillors travel expenses could be claimed from the community council.


2. Apologies for absence: Mr Gene Taylor, Mr David Filsell.


3. Declaration of interest in items of business listed below: None


4. Signing of the minutes; of the meeting held on the 29th November 2022 were approved. Proposed by JS and seconded by BC. And the minutes of the extraordinary meeting 14th December 2022. Proposed by JD and seconded by BC.


5. Finances:

a. Reserves update for approval. Approved at £14033.

Budget and precept setting for 2023-24, based on March to December bank statements. Budget at £22,821. And precept set at £22,000.

Bank reconciliation for December 2022 was approved. Donations, from this years budget, including consideration of recent appeals from a young harpist and from the Llangynidr Junior Football Club (both under the young persons awards). The award was split equally between the 2 applicants.

Other awards were made :Dial-a-ride £100, Agricultural Show £100, BMRT £100, Wales Air Ambulance £50, Brecon Advice Centre £50, Jubilee and Celebrations Trust £100, Defibrillator £100.

The Village Hall donation of £3000 for 2022-23 has been paid. The donation of £3000 for 2023-24 to be paid in the autumn.

b. Cheques to be approved January 2023 and December 2022. Cleaning the car park (Jan) £40.00

Cleaning the car park (Dec) £40.001

Clerk’s wages and stationery allowance (Dec so) £478.601

Clerk’s wages and stationery allowance (Jan so) £478.60

Cleaning the public conveniences (Jan ) £280.00 Cleaning the public conveniences (Dec ) £280.001

British gas (elec. for the public toilets Jan) £25.00

British gas (elec. for the public toilets Dec) £25.001

Car Park non-domestic rates (Dec dd) £80.001

Car Park non-domestic rates (Jan dd) £80.00

Clook internet service provider(via S Dale) £107.99

Viking Toilet supplies £93.582

Clook Internet service provider (via S Dale) £9.59

Note 1: For approval only 2: to be approved February 23.

c. Cheques approved in November 2022:

Cleaning the car park (Nov) £40.00

Clerk’s wages and stationery allowance (Nov so) £478.60

Cleaning the public conveniences (Nov) £280.00 British gas (elec. for the public toilets Nov) £25.00

Car Park non-domestic rates (Nov dd) £80.00

Election costs £508.52

Room hire (7th, 8th, and 25th October) £92.00

Water for the public toilets £317.20

6. Planning Applications: Castle Barn, Castle Road 23/21670/FUL, living quarters for dependent relative, installation of new sewerage arrangements. No objections.

7. Correspondence:

- A letter from a resident about Gilestone Farm, Talybont. See item 12

- An award from Brecon Mountain Rescue Team. They intend to present it to Council next meeting.


8. To discuss the room hire charged by the Village Hall Committee. To be discussed at a meeting planned for September 23.

9. Consideration of parking management contracts and alternatives. Clerk to look into creating bye-laws and any other car park options for discussion at the next village conversation.

10. Resident's complaint about changes to the bus times. The resident was correct, the Bus Company had changed the time table. Powys County Council has instructed that all the services be resumed.

11. The pavement from the Bike Shop to Can y Gwynt has been narrowed by vegetation and the surface is degraded. To be discussed and action agreed. Clerk to write to Powys County Council to request that this main pavement through the village be cleaned and resurfaced.

12. A resident has written that the Community Council could request the Welsh Government involve the Council in the future consultations about Gilestone Farm, Talybont. It was agreed that the Clerk should write to Welsh Government and ask that Llangynidr Community Council be included in any consultations about the future of Gilestone Farm, Talybont.

13. The Llangynidr Local History Society has asked permission to install an information panel about Llangynidr's history in the car park near the entrance. And to install a small identifying plaque on the pedestrian gate to Persondy Field. To be discussed and action agreed. Both approved.

14. The second village conversation was run by Llangynidr Community Council and the County Councillor. Will council pay the hall fees as it did for the first conversation in October? Approved.

15. A resident has written requesting CCTV in the car park to stop fly-tipping. Councillors decided to leave this issue for the moment as there has been some change in the car park recently. Also more black bins are required in the bottom village, Clerk see if Powys County Council can help.

16. Powys County Council has written concerning the Nant Glaisfer erosion problem by Cae Porth : On site commencement in May 2023 .

17. There has been a quote for the hedging work in the car park. To be discussed and action agreed. The quote was for £9/m including heatherings, most of the stakes are re-useable but some will have to be replaced.

18. The finance committee recommends the appointment of a grants sub committee. To be discussed and action agreed. Clerk to contact Llangattock Community Council and Talybont-on-Usk about their fundraising.

19. The documents and contacts are with the solicitors. An accompanying schedule defining the detail of the working arrangements is to be kept separate. The solicitors will make a draft lease to offer the Village Hall Committee and the Community Council.

20. Reports from other meetings. None

21. Any agenda items for the next meeting. Grant and Village Hall charges (September meeting).

22. Date of next meeting; Tuesday February 28th, 2023.

The Chairman closed the meeting at 9.28pm there being no further business to discuss.