Public participation: Brecon Mountain Rescue Team will present a certificate for the Community Council's support over many years.

An Officer (TC) from Powys County Council will be present to discuss the recent Transport Conversations.

Report sent from PCSO Lee Garrett.

Present: Mr Mark Brian (Chairperson), Mr D Williams, Mr Harry Duff, Mrs Jane Dawkins, Mr David Mantle, Mrs Beth Carpenter, Mr David Filsell and Mrs Jan Sharpless.

In Attendance: County Councillor Jackie Charlton, Mr Tony Caine, Traffic and Travel Manager for Powys County Council, Mr Kevin Harding of Brecon Mountain Rescue Team, a resident and S Dale (Clerk).

Public participation

Mr Kevin Harding of Brecon Mountain Rescue Team awarded a certificate to the Community Council for long term support of their activities.


PCSO Lee Garrett sent in a report that there had been 6 incidents in Llangynidr in February: including one of harassment. He asked that residents be made aware of a recent incident in Crickhowell where someone removed letters from a letterbox attached to an outside wall. PCSO Garrett asks residents to report suspicious incidents to 101.

Mr Tony Caine (TC) and County Councillor Jackie Charlton (JC) talked about the proposed parking scheme, speed restrictions, and other transport matters.

The parking scheme is to undergo a final consultation by Powys County Council following the results of the “Village conversations” (available from the Clerk) which have been fed back to Powys County Council. These include the following suggestions made by some residents :

Double yellow lines suggested for both sides of Forge Road, excluding the residences about “Brightwells” and the stretch after the telephone box up to “Hillcrest".

On Dyffryn Road at Wesley House and Wesley Cottage leaving spaces for the residents vehicles and renew the school zigzags.

TC informed the meeting that Welsh Government is revising local speed limits (reporting December 2023). Community Councillors expressed strong concerns on the basis that an increase in the speed limit would hinder crossing to the village hall, playground, recreation ground and tennis courts is on the other side of Cwmcrawnon road from the car park. Further more the children board their school bus in that area. TC said Powys County Council would look into possible solutions for Llangynidr, but there is a change in focus towards risk based analysis.

Following the transport conversation in January and the news that traffic is generally travelling over the 30mph speed limit (excess of 40mph at the 85th percentile) council is considering the purchase of a variable speed indicator. Powys County Council has a protocol for variable speed indicators which we has been sent. The advice of TC is to buy a numbers only display and check with his department before buying a variable speed indicator.

A councillor raised the shared space signs which Council has been keen to put up and encourage a more open minded approach from motorists.

1 Report from the County Councillor.

JC informed the meeting that the street lights in Llangynidr have been switched back on.

The bus timetable is to be put back to the more complete service (currently no buses after 1.30pm).

JC had a productive meeting about the school catchment area – this will be discussed next meeting.

Winter services (gritting etc) are being reviewed, it is not a cost saving measure but it is likely to lead to some savings.

2 Apologies:

GT and LS.

3 Declaration of interest in items of business listed below: None.

4 Signing of the minutes; 24th January 2023.

Approved proposer: DW and seconder: JD.

5 Finance:

a. Budget v actuals report for year to date and bank reconciliation. Proposed budget virement of £1491.48 from elections to public toilets. Approved.

b. Cheques to be approved February 2023.

Cleaning the car park (Feb) £40.00

Clerk’s wages and stationery allowance (Feb so) £478.60

Cleaning the public conveniences (Feb) £280.00

British gas (elec. for the public toilets Feb) £50.00

Car Park non-domestic rates (Feb dd) £80.00

Laying the hedge at the back of the car park £1300.00

One Voice Wales training £70.00

Village Hall room hire (3*£24) £72.00

Llangynidr Junior Football club £125.00

Young Harpist £125.00

Dial-a-ride £100.00

Agricultural Show £100.00

Brecon Mountain Rescue Team £100.00

Wales Air Ambulance £50.00

Brecon Advice Centre £50.00

Jubilee and celebrations trust £100.00

Defibrillator £100.00


c. Cheques approved in January 2023 and December 2022.

Cleaning the car park (Jan) £40.00

Cleaning the car park (Dec) £40.001

Clerk’s wages and stationery allowance (Dec so) £478.601

Clerk’s wages and stationery allowance (Jan so) £478.60

Cleaning the public conveniences (Jan ) £280.00 Cleaning the public conveniences (Dec ) £280.001

British gas (elec. for the public toilets Jan) £25.00

British gas (elec. for the public toilets Dec) £25.001

Car Park non-domestic rates (Dec dd) £80.001

Car Park non-domestic rates (Jan dd) £80.00

Clook internet service provider(via S Dale) £107.99

Viking Toilet supplies £25.44

Clook Internet service provider (via S Dale) £9.59

Note 1: For approval only

6 Planning Applications:

23/21749/FUL 19, Erw Bant. 1 storey extension. No comment.

7 Correspondence:

-7/2/23 Gabb and Co update.

The solicitors will send the draft lease when it is agreed in principle with the Village Hall legal representative.

-17/2/23 Community Ownership fund Round 2 – https://www.gov.uk/guidance/community-ownership-fund-round-2-how-to-express-your-interest-in-applying

-31/1/23 Audit Wales Office have published their report: Clerk to circulate an alternative method of accessing the information.


8 Placement of cardboard bins in the car park, and residents' issue about the privacy now that the hedge at the back of the car park has been trimmed and replacement of bin with a recycling/rubbish bin.


9 Update on black bins for the bottom village. Adjourned.

10 An evening walk around the village to document which streetlights are unlit. JD and SD to arrange.

11 To discuss the room hire charged by the Village Hall Committee.


12 The problems of fly tipping and littering in the ward.


13 Dwr Cymru are no longer taking cheques, will council approve of paying through monthly direct debit?


14 Two three-year contracts have been advertised and tenders will be chosen; public toilet cleaning and car park cleaning, and grass cutting. (the flowerbed contract has two years left to run).

Both contracts were advertised on the website and notice board, and only one tender was submitted for each. These were approved; the grass cutting contract for £675 and the cleaning contract for £280 (public toilets) and £40 (car park).

15 A variety of transport issues have been explored recently and a local businessman has offered support to buy a secondhand variable traffic speed indicator for the village. Council to consider the options.

See Report of the County Councillor Item 1 and public participation.

Clerk to contact canoeing clubs and let them know there is a free car park, with plenty of room opposite the Village Hall on Cwmcrawnon Road and not Blaen Y Myarth. Also contact landowner at Bwlch side of bridge with the suggestion that there is a business opportunity for someone 14 weekends of the year – for canoeists and other people interested in parking close to the river.

16 Cwmdu & District Community Council has invited council to be part of local discussions about Gilestone Farm, Talybont.

DM and MB will represent the Council.

17 Residents have bought a defibrillator for their home on Forge Road, they wish to make it available to the community. The scheme would need a weather-proof cabinet for it to be housed outside, would council consider the purchase (about £400)?


18 A tidy up to be arranged for the car park on the 11th and 12th March. Residents are invited to join councillors on the 2 mornings to clear the weeds in the car park by the hedge. This is to allow wild flowers to grow. Clerk to advertise.

19 The Brecon Beacons National Park's Community Nature Recovery Grant is still open for applications. A grant of £500 could pay for a new picnic bench to furnish the biodiversity area, to be discussed and action agreed.

Clerk to apply for money for a picnic table in the biodiversity area of the car park.

20 Litter picking in April (8th or 15th or 22nd) and May(6th or 13th or 20th).

15/4 and 20/5 were chosen. Clerk to publish and ask to add in to “Contact”.

21 To ask Powys County Council for better bus service.


22 Ash tree in Persondy field needs inspecting.


23 The responsibilities for boundaries of the recreation ground are not clear. To be discussed and action agreed.

The western boundary has given concern recently. DM has agreed a compromise with the adjacent landowner and the owner of the stock.

24 A grants officer and committee are recommended by the finance committee.

Clerk to contact a possible candidate for the voluntary role.

25 There used to be a farmers market in the village, could it be revived? Council reluctantly concluded that a revival is unlikely unless a group of people felt able to take it on.

26 The Village Hall Committee ask council to share the cost of 4 new picnic tables (50% of £660=£330) for the playground.


27 Reports from other meetings.


28 Any agenda items for the next meeting.

Review the boundaries of persondy field and the recreation ground. Clerk to inspect and report to council.

School catchment area to be discussed and action agreed.


Date of next meeting; Tuesday March 28th, 2023.

There being no further business to discuss the Chairperson closed the meeting at 9.40pm