Public participation:

Present: Mr Harry Duff (Chairperson), Mr Mark Brian, Mr David Williams, Mr David Mantle, Mr David Filsell, Mrs Jan Sharpless Mrs Lisa Spencer-Weiss and Mrs Beth Carpenter.

In Attendance: S Dale (Clerk). 4 Members of the public.

1Report from the County Councillor.

  1. Cattle Grid – No updates to give on this but please let me know if sheep are still getting across. As mentioned previously, this is a big job and is now programmed into the schedule of works.

  2. Objections to 30 mph – Objections are being collated for Powys Highways. They extended the consultation to enable Llangynidr Community Council to meet and provide Councillors with the opportunity to discuss and develop objections. Several individuals have objectd and sent to Powys which have been acknowledged. Loretta Maddox has provided an excellent document to be discussed by Councillors which outlines all the reasons for reducing the 30 mph along B4558 to 20 mph extending the zone.

  3. Verges – Work schedule was shared with Clerk

  4. School Fence – I have sent a request for the school fence to be checked as per email from Chair. Apologies, picked it up this week so a bit late for the Head Teacher, but the school Estate Manager has been notified.

  5. Book Bank – the faulty book bank bin has now been removed. The clothing bank is still there. Do the Community Council wish to see this removed as well?

  6. Pot Holes – Welsh Government have changed the way that potholes are assessed for patching. Potholes will need to be deeper than 40mm before being considered for repair. All area inspectors now follow these new criteria for repair of potholes. I have reported potholes in Church Road and Duffryn Road as well as along the B4558 from The Dardy to Llangynidr. They have been inspected to be prioritised in line with WG direction. They will be inspected in line with the needs of the road which means Church Road and Duffryn Road will not take priority. If you think the potholes are getting much worse, then please report again.

  7. Crickhowell High School of Religious Character Consultation – This is now moving at pace with informal engagement with parents and learners and more community engagement planned. If you want to find out more then please visit the school website The School of Religious Character Consultation - Crickhowell High School (crickhowell-hs.powys.sch.uk) The Governors of the High School have been discussing this for several years now. COVID put a stop to the original planned consultation and then there was the Cluster Review, now completed.

  8. SpeedWatch and GoSafe Van – Gail Jones continues to give feedback to Community Council on SpeedWatch. A further request has been lodged with GoSafe to get the Speed Enforcement van up on the mountain road. Due to staff sickness this has been delayed.

  9. Beaufort Estate and Common –This is now on the radar of Powys as it would appear there is another consultation to be undertaken as the plans have changed and been updated. Have asked to be kept informed.

  10. Powys Houses in Groesffordd – There have been major issues in getting contracts in place to do the extensive repair work needed for the three properties here and I have been assured in the last two weeks that a contractor has been appointed and work will start soon.

  11. County Councillor Surgery Llangynidr – Next Surgery planned for September, in August will be in Llangattock and again will link with the Repair Café. So if you have anything for repair and would like a chat with me at the same time, do come along on 26th August.

Powys Wide Issues:-

  1. 20 MPH – The Highways Team are working extremely hard at getting the roll out 20 mph for 17 September.

  2. Town & Community Council Conference – Was very successful and packs are awaiting translation and will be sent out very soon. Like a lot of things, there is a shortage of translators. As this goes out across the county it has to be translated.

  3. Powys County of Sanctuary – Powys County Council is applying to become part of the City of Sanctuary Local Authority Network and become a County of Sanctuary in due course. This was passed unanimously but the Cabinet last week and will be celebrated on Thursday at the Full Council Meeting. Powys has a long and proud history of supporting people seeking sanctuary including Jews, Syrians, Afghans and lately Ukrainians. Community support for sanctuary seekers is widespread across Powys and this recognises the work undertaken by Powys staff and whole communities. Welsh Government in 2019 became the world’s first Nation of Sanctuary, endorsed by the United Nations, Powys could be one of the first County’s to achieve this . A reason to celebrate.

2Apologies: Mr Gene Taylor, Mrs Jane Dawkins and CCllr Jackie Charlton.

3Declaration of interest in items of business listed below: BC

4Signing of the minutes; 27th June 2023.


a. Budget v actuals report for year to date and bank reconciliation. Approved.

b. Cheques to be approved February 2023.
Cleaning the car park (Jul and Aug) £80.00
Clerk’s wages and stationery allowance (Jul so) £478.60
Clerk’s wages and stationery allowance (Aug so) £478.60
Cleaning the public conveniences (Jul & Aug) £560.00
British gas (elec. for the public toilets Feb) £50.00
Car Park non-domestic rates (Jul dd) £86.00
Car Park non-domestic rates (Jul dd) £86.00
British Gas (elec. For the public toilets -
Village Hall Room Hire (June) £24.00
Rentokil-Inital toilet sanitation £358.32
Timber for fencing in Persondy Field £700.20
Councillor Alowance £150.00

c. Cheques approved in June 2023.

Cleaning the car park (Jun) £40.00
Clerk’s wages and stationery allowance (Jun so) £478.60
Cleaning the public conveniences (Jun ) £280.00
British gas (elec. for the public toilets Jan) £50.00
Car Park non-domestic rates (Dec dd) £80.00

Village Hall room hire £24.00

6Planning Applications:
Turn Pike Cottage 23/22077/FUL, single storey extension. No objection.
Persondy, Duffryn Road 23/21836/FUL, removal of chimneys. Adjourned.
16, Church Close, 23/22130/FUL, single storey extension. Adjourned.


- Kids Cancer Charity Appeal, 6/23. Include in precept considerations.
- Shared Prosperity Fund, 11/7/23. Circulate to grants officers.
- Response from Housing Officer about renovations in Groesffordd 10/7/23. PCC has had difficulties assigning the work to contractors but are now in a position to finish the project over the next three months or so.

8Consideration of tenders for the car park flowerbed contract.

Adjourned from last meeting. A contract has submitted a tender and Council approved it. BC left the room for the item and was called back when it was complete.

Confirmation of British Gas d/d over 3 years for net carbon zero supply. Confirmation of approval of the d/d.

9Request for Green man Traffic plan.

Clerk to ask, with a view to putting the plan on the noticeboard.

10Plants have grown obscuring the view of the Glan Usk side of the bridge.

Glan Usk side is okay. But the Llangynidr side of the bridge may need some attention. Clerk to ask resident.

11The 20 mph zones have been circulated and comments from the Community Council required by Powys County Council (PCC) by 26th July 2023.

A resident gave a summary of her objection to the exceptions to the 20mph limit. The community is severed by Cwmcrawnon Road. There are streches of the road with one or no pavements so pedestrians are mixing with traffic. Welsh Governement criteria do not apply to this stretch of the road. Furthermore if implemented the 20mph limit would make it easier to introduce further measures to reduce traffic speed.

The Council accepted the objection as representing the views of the community of Llangynidr and instructed the Clerk send it to PCC. A petition of 138 names was presented, this to be submitted to PCC as well.

12Flooding in Cyffredin Lane persists, and there are severe pot holes reported near Worcester Cottage, to be discussed and action agreed.

Powys County Council are aware of the problems. A new Welsh Government guideline has come in defining pot holes by a depth of 40mm before they count.

13Update on the village hall lease and changes in the car park.

Gabb and Co are writing the lease and will send it to the Village Hall Committee's solicitor.

14 Car Parking Review- Double Yellow Lines.

Clerk to ask for the deadline.

15PCC has done a safety cut of hedges, are there other over grown areas?

The green lane off the Tump and Castle Road is overgrown. Clerk to talk to resident about the trimming and arrange with the new assistant area warden.

16A dropped kerb is needed for the pavement at the canal access on Forge Road.

Ask the County Councillor to request it from Powys County Council.

17Report from the Human Resources Committee Meeting held on Wednesday 19th July 2023. They recommend a 1 point pay rise and a media training course from OVW. The Clerk achieved scores of 4 and 5 (good and excellent) and was found to be acceptable.

Council wanted a Whats App group and a facebook page. Councillors volunteered to set these facilities up.

18Bannau Brecheiniog National Park are asking permission to treat the Japanese Knotweed on the riverbank in the autumn. The officers are trained and certified to use herbicides near water with a variety of tools. “Our certificates are City & guilds PA1, PA6 and PA6AW and stem injector. We have consent from NRW (Ken Perry) to treat along the River Usk and we are licensed to treat near water (NRW Herb 745)”.


19The use of the B4560 (Mountain Road) by cycle events.

There have been near misses recently. For example 15/7 when tacks were strewn across the mountain road endangering cyclists and motorists alike. Cyclists sometimes ride 2 or even 3 abreast. This effectively and frustratingly stops motorists from overtaking. Clerk to ask JC at the surgery in Sptember.

20Reports from other meetings.

The Village Hall Community are congratulated and recognised for their success, Summer Sounds Festival on the 15th July. A £3000 profit was made even on that rainy day!

21Any agenda items for the next meeting.

Date of next meeting; Tuesday September 26th, 2023.

There being no further business to discuss the Chairperson closed

the meeting at 9.00pm