Minutes of the Llangynidr Community Council HR Committee Meeting held on Tuesday 19th July 2023 at 6pm.


Present: Mark Brian, Mr Harry Duff (Chair), Mrs Jane Dawkins and Mr David Filsell.

Attending:Ms Sue Dale (Clerk).


1 Apologies: None.

2 Declaration of interest: None

3 To evaluate the job performance of the Clerk May 22-May 23 and to review her pay. Job performance was rated as “acceptable” and attracted ratings of 4 and 5 (“good” and “excellent”). A pay increment on the NALC scale is recommended.

4 Other human resources issues to be brought to the attention of Council:

The Clerk asked for training in “Whats App” & “Facebook” to enable

improved communications. There is a new training module from One Voice

Wales 16, Media. This covers the topic and is recommended to Council.

The chairperson closed the meeting at 19:30.